SEN 2706

SEN 2706

1. Fab Feb Photos
2. AMA Results from the Ike
3. AMA Reverse Records ?

Fab Feb Photos

From:Julie Parker Hi Roger,

I just started using Flickr, so this is my first time to upload photos.  I
hope this works.  Here's some of my photos from Fab Feb including the Ladies
Tea Party and the America's Cup banquet.


Julie Parker

Editor's Comment - they look great to me!

AMA Results from the Ike

Sorry we over looked posting these

AMA reverse records
By: Aram Schlosberg 

AMA’s endurance records cap the max at 2 or 2:30 minutes and the number of consecutive maxes has reached 40, which might be surpassed soon.
Instead, let’s reverse the direction. If one makes a 6:45 flight it could be established as a reverse record if one also maxes the decreasing sequence of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 minutes maxes without a drop. (The one minute max has been skipped.) Dropping any max stops the process.
The reverse records are annual, beginning after the Nats. In other words, you last chance to breaks a reverse record is at the Nats.
Anyone up to a reverse challenge?