SEN 2699 - We are having fun

SEN 2699
We are having fun

1. North America Team Results
2. So that's where NA was
3. Thanks a plus

North America Team Results


So that's where NA was
From:gary pope  
Ta !

Thanks a plus

From: David Johannes
In recognition of the paradox that one only hears back on negatives ...  Want to give some (+) feedback.

Really appreciated seeing the list of entrants/positions for starting of contest.
Some/lot of us out on the fringes, looking to do maybe 1 or 2 local contests "next year", thrive on the inspiration.

Really appreciate your effort to run the contests, and list/acknowledge entrants up front.  
We all know, it takes a lot of:  love/passion; and time and money commitments, to do this stuff.

Thank you Roger.

Let's all acknowledge Roger, our "FF Oracle", for this tangential closeness..
Thank you. David Johannes


Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you back on the field soon. It’s not just me, there are bunch of others, too many to list, that make the Fab Feb happen. We have got some face to face nice words from people on the field and I know by the hits we get on the web site and where they are from that lots of people from around the world are looking at how things are going. For example from the recent World Champs we got on the SEN Web site over 12000 hits from people looking at F1A results alone. That meant that there were probably about twice that on F1A because of the people who went directly not via the SEN site.

Free Flight is general has got so many class and categories that there is something to suit everyone’s budget, skills, likes, field size, schedule, …. There are many things that get in the way in modern life but improved communications is something that helps us get over that. I find disappointing that some people take the opportunity to criticize a class, a model, person that they probably don’t fly with , too much carbon or the BOM or whatever rather than look on the positive site. This is about flying the models you like and having fun. (yes FAI sportsmen do have fun) Even though this is “bad” year with the corona virus and budgets burnt by the world champs we still got well over 120 people having a great time flying this stuff plus 50 odd more doing the AMA events at the Ike last weekend. All in near perfect conditions, what more can the free flighter want?