SEN 2674-Hits, the bazar, F1E, Bike, Follow the link

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SEN 2674- Table of Contnets

Hits, the bazar, F1E, Bike, Follow the link

  1. Best Sellers/ Top Hits on SEN web site
  2. Fab Feb Bazar
  3. Kiwi F1E
  4. Lost Hills bike and storage for sale
  5. Re: SEN 2673, etc...

Best Sellers/ Top Hits on SEN web site
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Fab Feb Bazar

There are always a number of Free Flight Suppliers at Lost Hills for Fab Feb – that’s the good news but they don’t or rather can’t bring their entire inventory with them – so if you are looking for something particular contact them before hand to make sure they have it there for you.

Look at the Web site for ….
Rubber – FAI Model Supply, Nelson Plugs and other Galbraith Goodies, Humminbird Clever stuff etc …

The ISAACSON Winter Classic


FEBRUARY 10 2020

PLACE: Holloway Hill, 1.5 miles SE of Bissonette Mirage Field parking, Lost Hills, California - coordinates 35.655°N, 119.787°W. Hill is accessible by car.
SCHEDULE: Five (5) SO-minute rounds with 10 minute breaks
9:00 am Arrival on Holloway Hill 1st Round 10:00 - 10.50
2nd Round 11:00 - 11:50
3rd Round 12:00 - 12:50
41h Round 13:00 - 13:50
5th Round 14:00 - 14:50 Fly-off to be announced

AWARDS: 1st through 3rd place awards after completion of contest
EVENT DIRECTOR F1E KIWI CUP: Peter Brocks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. HEAD JURIST F1E KIWI CUP: Henning Nyhegn, Denmark
ENTRY FEE: $30.00 Open, $10.00 Junior
NOTE: FAI Sporting License and AMA membership required.
2020 FAI Sporting Code will apply.
Timers will not be provided. Please team up for timing - time one, fly one. This is also an America's Cup contest.
In case of inclement weather reserve day is Feb. 12 or as soon as feasible
HOLLOWAY HILL: This hill was made from overburden when excavating gypsum from the pit. The vertical distance from the hill to the pit floor is approx. 34m (111ft). Fab Feb Bazar

bike and storage for sale
From: John Clapp  
I have come to realize that as  my competitive drive is waning it is time to
sell my bike and storage site..

Bike: Suzuki 110  with higher seat and handle bars.

Storage facility at the Holloway  site at Lost Hills CA.

If interested please email:   name, address, and phone number.

Thank you, John Clapp (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Re: SEN 2673, etc... From:Lee Hines

Hi RM,

Thanks for the latest SEN.
I will send my fabfeb entry soon, but first I need to see flyer for the Isaacson events.
Can you assist?


From SEN 2673

Item - Fab Feb 2020
Info at ……………………If you go here you will find all information about Fab Feb including The Ike, Kiwi and MaxMen – Plus the Bazar etc ….

Enter FAI Events at :