SEN 2613 - Glimpse into the (electronic) future with some early birds

SEN 2613 – Table of Contents

Glimpse into the (electronic) future with some early birds

1. Champs Results
2. Early Bird
3. FabFeb 2020
4. Logistics Found

Champs Results

We have received a number of questions about the results for the World Champs, an event that has not even been run yet!

As at other recent World Champs electronic score boards are planned. One set will be near the flight line and the other near the on field HQ.  The results will also be online so will accessible from most places, on the field and around the world.   Further information and links will be published closer to the date of the Champs.

Early Birds

It looks like the first 2 World Cup will be

Tui Cup of New Zealand at Carterton, NZ on 2 January

Kiwi Cup of New Zealand at Lost Hills, CA, USA  on 8 February ( as part of Fab Feb 2020)

Note that the dates are subject to official confirmation.

Fab Feb 2020

We have received numerous questions about the Fab Feb dates.  As mentioned above all events are subject to official confirmation as they need sanctions from both the FAI and the various NACs.  The World Cup dates are approved by the CIAM in November.

Preliminary information is:

* Online sign up for FAI events – timeframe to be announced, but after the World Champs.
* Friday sign up for the FAI events at Lost Hills Community Center on 7 Feb.
* Ike/Kiwi on 8-10 Feb with the F1ABCPQ World Cup on Saturday 8 Feb.
* The North American World Cup is on 12 Feb.
* The 2 F1E events are on Monday 10 (Kiwi)and Thurs 13 Feb. (Cal Cup- MaxMen)
* The Ladies Tea Party on Tues 11 Feb
* International Dinner and Dumplings   partly "sponsored" by the Chinese Team in the evening on Tuesday 11 February with reserve date on Thursday 13 February
* The MaxMen International starting on Friday 15 with World Cup F1B, F1C & F1P and
* F1A and F1Q on Saturday 16.
* The MaxMen Mini Events on Sunday 17 February
* America's Cup Banquet will be on 14 or 15 Feb (Friday or Sat) depending on venue availability.

As usual the Ike will have a variety of AMA events on 8 and 9 February.  We are working on those details
There will be the usual online entry for the FAI events for all contests will be available in due course.
The above schedule is subject to official confirmation and details such as starting times, reserve days, entry fee will appear in the official event announcements.

Logistics Found

I now have some willing logistics experts who can get the F1J's to me.
Thanks all for your responses!
Greg Stewart