SEN 2599 - Oktoberfest and Muncie festival report

Table of Contents – SEN 2599

Oktoberfest and Muncie festival report

1. 2019 Free Flight Oktoberfest. 

2. Nats ’19 Brief


2019 Free Flight Oktoberfest. 

We are about 10 weeks from the WCh!  

Southern California Aero Team (SCAT and home of SEN) will be hosting a 2019 Free Flight Oktoberfest. We will be supplying free beer, soda and munchies. This will start after all the WCh flying is complete on the reserve day, Monday,Oct 21, likely starting at noon. We will locate in the WCh organizer area.  The multi-talented ken Bauer will be supplying live music!

All people involved with the WCh are invited. 

SCAT is having plastic 14 oz beer mugs made for the celebration.  All official entries will get one in their official WCh goodie bag. Also all 3 day timers will get a free mug. A free mug to Henning--- the maker of the 1977 Denmark WCh cups.

We will have a limited number for sale. You can reserve yours for pick up at Lost Hills by sending $4 for each mug you want via Pay Pal: friends and family payment, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>. Sorry we will not be shipping mugs, they will only be available at Lost Hills during the WCh time.

Thermals,  Jim Parker,  SCAT president

Nats ’19 Brief

By Aram Schlosberg
The Nats this year had a reduced participation, mainly due to holding it a week later during August, conflicting with the beginning of the schooling year in that region – undercutting the parent/grandparent and their legacy’s participation. The upcoming World Championship at Lost Hills in October probably impacted the travel budget of some as well as not awarding the Nats a World Cup status this year – a draw to the Canadian fliers.
Andrew Barron ran the Nats. On Monday I CDed F1A which was won by the senior Roman Stalick with a clean score. Roman who straight tows and bunt the model off the top agreed to a circle towing tutoring after the contest. Running besides him he circled towed and was coached on line management on the ground, sensing the air while floating the model overhead and how to bring it down, setting it for a shot gun acceleration – all with the back to the wind. Tom Stalick was the safety, launching the model and holding the RDT transmitter. How many opportunities does one get to teach circle towing to an able and willing youngster?
Tuesday had a strong wind from the south west. C and Q were flown from the south west corner of the site behind tall corn, a line of trees and a forest upwind. The air was turbulent and tricky. Bob Sifleet, who lives in Muncie, was the only one to maxout out in Q. C fliers put up a few flights and quit.
On Wednesday, F1B day the wind came from the North West. By the 6th and 7th rounds models were landing at the south east edge of the field, some in the corn. Three were clean and Chuck Markos, who CDed the event decided on a flyoff at 4 pm. As a 6-minute max would leave models deep in the corn, the fliers in the flyoff decided to DT their models at 2-minutes. The plan was leaked to Chuck and Andrew consented since it was a flyer initiative and a practical solution. Greg Simon was the first off the bell flying one of Tom Vaccaro’s models, catching air marked by an RC glider overhead, beating me and Brian Pacelli.
Later, an E-20 contest was held as it calmed down a bit. There were many entrants and I was amazed how well some of the E20s climbed. Of note was a model by Jack Murphy, built as a hand launch glider with solid balsa wings sporting a thin and cambered section. Unfortunately Jack dropped a few seconds but his model definitely is worth imitating.
At present, partial Nats results are posted on the AMA web site ///