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  1. January Eloy Southwest Regionals
  2. Chill
  3. How to mount your on board GPS on a C ?
  4. Jim Hits 100
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January Eloy Southwest Regionals

From:Peter Brocks



January Eloy Southwest Regionals


The 2018 Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships will be held January 13-16 in Eloy, Arizona. About every Freeflight  FAI/AMA/NFFS/FAC event is flown. For details and entry forms please see 


The FAI events F1A, B, C/P and Q are flown on Saturday. The FAI mini events F1G, H, J and S are on Sunday. In case of inclement weather Monday is the FAI reserve day. Please pre-enter before Jan. 1.    


Come fly with us in Arizona! 


Peter Brocks, FAI CD









My suggestion would be for members to stop whining, to get on with life, and enjoy it whilst they can. And importantly to thank Contest organizers and administrators for their hard work. 

Alternatively, it is a lot simpler and cheaper to buy a retro racing bicycle and scare the living daylights out of a lyrca clad carbon fibre bike rider.  And to use Police Speed enforcement cameras to check personal performance!


Happy Christmas & Peaceful New Year.






How to mount your on board GPS on a C ?


From : Mike Roberts 


Fellow C Flyers


Has anyone yet mounted one of the new GPS transmitters (Sidus or  Optimal ) in one of Artem B's models where the exhaust goes through the pylon?  If so, might you share your installation with pictures if possible?  Please e mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and thank you


Mike Roberts



Jim hits 100


Jim Fullarton was born in Sydney on the 9th of November 1917 and commenced his aeromodelling career in 1930 with the Rose Bay Club where he developed his building and flying skills and also learned the art of carving propellers under the tuition of Mr. Wright, a leading modeller of the day. Joining the Bondi Blackhawks Club in 1931 Jim’s aeromodelling prowess grew as he won the Blackhawks Champion of Champions in 1933, The Australian Scale Championship in 1937 and the prestigious Wright Cup in 1938.


Models in those days were rubber powered and Jim became a leading exponent of the models flown for the Wakefield Trophy a handsome piece of silverware donated by Lord Wakefield as a worldwide event.

Held annually in various northern hemisphere countries the event was usually dominated by Europeans or Americans. Jim was a member of the Australian Wakefield teams of 1935 and 1938, his models being shipped abroad and proxy flown by overseas modellers. In 1941 Jim moved to Melbourne to take a position with the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and his aeromodelling ceased until the end of WWII in 1945. Resuming his aeromodelling activities at war’s end Jim joined the strong Eastern Suburbs club and quickly became one of the leading figures in freeflight modelling in Victoria. In 1949 and 1951 Jim was again a member of the Australian Wakefield team, sending his models overseas to compete.


Always a dedicated free flighter, Jim did get involved with control line flying and in the early fifties produced a model of the Veco “Squaw” powered by a McCoy 19. This was the first flapped model seen in Victoria and its performance changed forever the design of our aerobatic control line models. Jim’s aeromodelling was not entirely directed to competitions and he found time to experiment with many unorthodox approaches to flying model aircraft, producing a number of own design canard pushers From 1949 to 1965, as a part of his aeromodelling activities, Jim also wrote a column in “Aircraft” magazine reporting on aeromodelling events of the day. With his outdoor free flight flying now limited by the need for assistance in reaching the flying fields and help in retrieving models Jim’s aeromodelling is largely restricted to indoor flying where he is still an active competitor and a winner in duration and scale events. Few people are able to reach the age of 100 years and to do so while still retaining the ability and desire to construct and fly model aircraft is a significant achievement. Congratulations to Jim Fullarton our doyen of Australian aeromodelling.


Photos and story kindly supplied by

John Lamont

Australian Model News and Free Flight Down Under

Further information on Jim at


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