SEN 2349

Table of Contents – SEN 2349


  1. Sierra Cup Potluck
  2. Age and Numbers
  3. BOM….  Etc… 
  4. 12 Summer Winds = 1 Babenko
  5. Chuck’s Memories


Sierra Cup Potluck

From: Brian Van Nest

After the flying on Saturday, on the field

We will be having a potluck dinner

Please bring something to share

a main dish or salad for 5-7 people

BBQ's are available for those wanting to cook

Bring your chairs, drinks, table settings and table

See you then



Age and Numbers


From:Gene Ulm


Mr. Achterberg should read the brilliant and insightful ;-) piece detailing the current EXPANSION of free flight in the most recent NFFS sympo.  Yes, there are geography and age-related problems with FAI free flight in America.  But not elsewhere.


Editor’s Note   Along with this was that there were about 80 participants in the F1C event at the 2017 World Champs, more than many expected.  While a number of people in the USA gave up F1C when the engine run was reduced to 4 seconds there were still quite a number from other countries, many with fixed wing direct drive models.


BOM….  Etc… 


From:Rick Pangell


BOM... etc...


I need to step in here.  The (removal of the ) BOM rule in AMA event was  necessary.  Too 

many "estate" models are there and to tell a new modeler  that he has to spend 

the time and effort to try our sport was just too much to  ask.


The push was to get those models back in the air and reduce the time for a  

new modeler to be able to fly... and "don't discourage" new potential 

modelers  by telling them they have to get up to speed with all of the tribal 

knowledge  and skill of building and flying a free flight model.  AArrgghh...!


We, the MMM Club, have many good examples of how the removal of the BOM  

rule has helped.  Jace Pivonka is a great example.  We got him into  the hobby 

real time donating our old models to him and not burdening him  with the 

daunting prospect of starting from scratch.  Plus, some of us are  now flying 

other events where they may not have done if needing to build a new  model.


When I started out, just about all of my friends were "into it."  Now  they 

are not...  I-phones win.  How do you beat that?  We make it  easier for 

new modelers to get into the hobby... look at the success of "retro"  and 

simpler events... Electric and FAC.  When a new flyer is staying  with the hobby 

it is because he is having "success," not daunting  discouragement


For F1"X"... think about it.  Attracting new flyers to FAI is  probably 

about eliminating other events that compete with FAI, AMA, NFFS, BMFA  slow 

power and only doing FAI... reducing the competition.  Then you have  to 

"convince" or rather generate interest so that newcomers will be  interested.  

NASCAR in the USA takes off because of the TV promotion, but  there is a 

tremendous lack of "Hobby Stocker" car races where entry level folks  used to get 

into.  Everyone strives to be at the top with no stepping  stone...  You 

need a sponsor(?).  Will winning FAI be there?  Too  much trouble to fly and 

compete without help?


Again, for F1"X"... performance is outrunning rules, so do not  be naive in 

adding to the rules and requiring more complexity  and technology, but back 

up a few meters and look at what the desire is (3  minutes).  To me, the 

basic solution is adding wing loading, but who am I  to challenge?  Looking 

back on NASCAR... would making the track smaller  limit all the horsepower 

push or challenge the car designers to slow down a bit  and design a car that 

performs well on the "new track."


Now, model aircraft?  Perhaps the promo is awry.




Rick Pangell - NFFS Central VP

Editor of "The Max-Out"  Newsletter of

The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado  


12 Summer Winds = 1 Babenko

From : Ron Young

Hi Roger, I just finished building a old school Summer Wind FIC model and kept track of cost, at the current price of FIC models I could build 12 of these complete and ready to fly. 




Editor’s Note – Ron included some photos of his airplane that showed he had not lost any of his building skills, unfortunately we can’t include them in this issue of SEN.  For those who do not know Ron, besides being an active flyer in the past he was involved in the Southern California Hobby Industry playing a role in the development of a number of engines notably the Conquest 15 and subsequently produced a number of special versions. 


Chuck’s Memories


We got an email from Chuck Markos which was the indirect result of Chuck doing some clean up. The email listed all of those taking part in the 1983 USA Team Selection process. There were over 10 times the number that took part in the last team selection event. There was  about 40 participants in the  last finals.  This time only Walt Ghio entered more than one class back in 83 many more people did 2 events.