SEN 2291 and SEN 2991 - local addendum

Table of Contents – SEN 2291

  1. 20 second attempt rule - safety issue?
  2. 20 second serve

SEN 2291 - local addendum - Table of Contents

  1. San Valeers
  2. Perris vegetation
  3. Stickers
  4. LH Potties

20 second attempt rule - safety issue?

From: Tony Mathews

Some years ago I had a conversation with Victor Stamov about the 20 second
attempt rule. As readers will recall, for a few years it was abolished for
F1A only (seems some people were upset about some flyers using RDT to save
a crashing model and being "rewarded" with a reflight). Victor had two
points which are still valid. 1) Suppose you have a $4000.00 (+?) flapper
model and it is about to crash after being released in a bad attitude. If
there is no 20 second attempt rule at all, you will either hit the RDT
button to save the model, or take the risk that it might recover and give
you a lucky max after finding the magic 3 meter high thermal. 2) LDA and
flapper F1A models can achieve dangerously high speeds and letting such a
model crash into a crowd is potentially lethal.

So allowing a 20 second attempt but not allowing RDT to be used is
potentially dangerous. Nobody should have to think about whether they
should press the button or not. They should push it automatically without
hesitation. Allowing a 20 second attempt and RDT means that you will always
push the button. So in effect, it's safer to allow it than to ban it!
In fact, I'm surprised that someone hasn't suggested that all LDA and
flapper models should have a mandatory automatic RDT using the altimeter
and accelerometer such as the M&K system (used for training). I've seen
such a system automatically deploy and save several of Jama Danier's models
in training with a rapid RDT faster than a human could have been expected
to react. Since the models would have crashed nearby for all I know this
system may have saved my and all the other bystander's lives as well!
A similar argument could be made for F1C. Although the engine cut before
RDT is a discussion that is front and center in this year's rule

Please keep the 20 second attempt rule.


20 second serve

From: Lee Hines

RE 20 sec attempt rule:It should be kept.If Roger Federer & Djokivic get second serves in Grand Slam tennis matches, that is classic precedence & reason to rest this case as is.


 Leeper,Former F1A flyer, & current E-flyer 


San Valeers 

The Annual , which includes FAI events is next weekend at LF 22-23 April

Perris Vegetation

The land owner plans to plow or disk the adjacent fields "real soon now".  When we know it's done we will let you know.


The rain brought forth plants which brought forth seeds which brought forth STICKERS so protect your footwear appropriately. Applies to both Lost Hills and Perris.

LH Potties

The servicing or recent lack thereof is being addressed.