SEN 2281 17 March 2017

Table of Contnets – SEN 2281

  1. J Thanks 
  2. Spaced out and Surreal Animals

J Thanks

From: Mike Roberts 

I would like to thank all the flyers that brought their F1 J models to the Fab Feb.  I hope you and even more will consider trying again next year.  I can "promise" better conditions knowing you might be throwing mud at me.  We had a wonderful international group from the States, GBR, AUS and Argentina.  Please consider Fab Feb 2018 for more F1J  terror in the skies.



Sorry.  I think I have the wrong address to send things to SEN.  BTW, I waited at the Motel 6 pool for Jean Luc in his speedo but alas no splash.  Just say'in.


Editor’s Note:

1. Good to you guys flying J.  Looked like you were having a good time
2. Yes you sent it an old address that I won’t mention . The best one is the one that send SEN to you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3. For those not at the North American Cup – Jean-Luc Bodin of France had committed to his team mates that he would go in the pool at Motel 6 if he made the podium.  He did make the podium but as Mike says caused some disappointment by not making the pool !

Spaced out and Surreal Animals

Some how the link to the Moose and Bear photos got some extra spaces .   Some people figured it out and saw the great and somewhat surreal photos. In case you didn’t   Here is the link again: