SEN 2263 - 14 Feb 2017

Table of Contents – SEN 2263

  1. Kiwi Cup F1E Results
  2. Kiwi and Ike Pics
  3. F1S rules
  4. Cyclon engine for sale

Kiwi Cup F1E Results

The results are on-line at

1. Andrist
2. Brocks
3. Sifleet

Kiwi and Ike Pics

Brian Furutani Flickr Picture of Ike and Kiwi Cup  at

F1S rules

From: Tapio Linkosalo

During a recent discussion at HipPocket BB, I noticed a shortcoming in F1S rules - they do not allow the use of RadioDT! The paragraph 3.S.2 refers to Q rules for battery related issues, but there should be also the standard sentence saying: "F1S models may use radio control only for irreversible actions to control dethermalisation of the model. This may include stopping the motor if it is still running. Any malfunction or unintended operation of these functions is entirely at the risk of the competitor."

And while we are talking about the F1S rules, the definition for the motor run is also ambiguous. The rules only say (also 3.S.2): "Maximum duration of motor run 10 seconds during the regular flights." I think the rules should add "motor run is measured from the model launch until prop stop, and can be measured in flight or statically."

I wonder if the FF subcommittee could bring these issues to the coming CIAM meeting and have them added to the sporting code?


 Cyclon engine for sale

From: Ron Patten

For Sale, never used "Doug Galbreath" reworked Cyclon 1cc engine with plug & spanner wrench, $225.00 shipping included by FedEx home delivery.
Ron This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.