SEN 2037

Table of Contents - SEN 2037

  1. F1C protest Update -2
  2. D/F FO
  3. Futuristic City planned ?
  4. Andy Crisp's World
  5. How Local can you get ?
  6. In the Press - F1C stuff in FFn

F1C Protest Update- 2
From : Chuck Etherington
On behalf of the U.S. F1C flyers and other interested parties, a similar letter has been sent to the AMA for the purpose of formal submission to Mr. Ian Kaynes, Chairman of the CIAM F1 Subcommittee.
Chuck Etherington

Editor - this is similar to the letter mentioned in the previous SEN sent by the Canadian NAC

D/T Flyoff
From:     Ismail Sarioglu
In my view, D/T Flyoff, aka "Bulgarski FO" is a gentlemen agreement. It is chosen over normal way to minimize the danger to the models and at the same time to solve the tie, if the weather conditions  are really BAD.

Whether it has a place in the code is irrevelant, because it needs the concensus of all flyers involved. If a flyer in the FO disagrees, it can not be forced on him/her.

There is nothing in the code, which bans early DT.

And, yes, it does not show the full potential of the models but it is much more fair then a lottery or going home with shared points.

Best Wishes,


Futuristic high-tech city planned close to Lost Hills:

From: Rene Limberger
Futuristic high-tech city planned close to Lost Hills:

Note that at this point this is just a plan. It has to be approved by Kings County.  Lost Hills is in the Northern part of Kern County. This location is just up the I-5 from Lost Hills.

Andy Crisp’s World of Free Flight Model Aircraft

Chatting with Andy at the Dreaming Spires Gala he agreed that it would be a good idea to make his ‘Andy Crisp’s World of Free Flight Model Aircraft’ available as a free download.
Use this link:-
and then click on the large cover image for the download box to appear, then either open in Adobe Acrobat or Save to your hard drive.
Download is a pdf file of approx 10Mb.

Glider Winches and KSB DT Timers surplus to requirements
As I convert my competition models to RDT (see SAMS1066 new Clarion articles) I am finding a number of items surplus to requirements.
Current surplus includes two glider winches with lines:-
75 metre Hercules braid (Dynema style) 80lb breaking strain on plastic geared winch  with UK pennant, tow ring and dt release line. £25
100 metre Hercules braid 30lb breaking strain on ‘grinder’ conversion winch with UK pennant, tow ring and dt release line. £20
KSB DT Timers £15 each all in good condition.
All for delivery at the Anglia Gala 1st & 2nd August at Sculthorpe.

Thanks David Brawn.

How Local can you get?

In the last SEN we published a piece from Pierre Chaussebourg talking about the appropriateness of using a D/T fly off or rather in the inappropriateness. Pierre also suggested that people should protest the outcome.


The World Cup rules permit some local flexibility. For example some event are 7 rounds and some are 5. In some events there is a flight line with poles and timers and others a flight line with no timers. Both of these seem “OK”?


But then Pierre says that the D/T fly off is not OK. He also says that people can protest the result. I’m a little curious as to who can protest the result. Does it have to be a person who was in the fly off? A person who took part in the event? Or can any FAI sportsman do it even one who was not there and did not witness what took place? While any departure from the rules can affect the outcome of the World Cup, the D/T fly off is one where the points result of the D/T is obvious. Could be end up with a situation where the results are selectively protested depending on who benefitted most?


Taking the local rules a step further could an event organizer say “In our country it is illegal for have free flight power models with engines bigger than 1.5 cc so in the F1C class at our event the maximum engine size is 1.5cc”. It would seem in this case that it would result in a mass boycott of F1C sportsmen. But how about saying F1A models must weigh 500 grams or the towline must be 1.5mm (battleship) cable? Is that OK?

The Editor

In the press - F1C RULES ( From FFn 2015-07)

The CIAM Plenary meeting passed the Austrian proposal
which required RDT on F1C models. This was worded to
change the first sentence of the relevant paragraph. The
complete paragraph including the change will read:
“F1C models must be fitted with functional radio control only
for irreversible actions to control dethermalisation of the
model. This may include stopping the motor if it is still
running. Any malfunction or unintended operation of these
functions is entirely at the risk of the competitor.”
This means that the requirement is to have radio DT. It remains
an OPTION to have it stop the motor. There is no requirement
on when it is or is not used. For example, there is no
requirement to use the DT at any time when the model is flying
faster than glide speed.

A petition has been submitting to CIAM protesting against the
change to 4 second motor runs. This is under consideration by
CIAM, but there is no process whereby a decision by Plenary
can be reversed.

FFn article by Ian Kaynes

Roger Morrell