SEN 2034

Table of Contents - SEN 2034

  1. Scandinavian Free Flight Week
  2.  Lost Hills Kids Summer camp
  3. Message from a sponsor

Scandinavian Free Flight Week

Results are online at

Lost Hills Kids Summer Camp

SCAT Members Jim Parker and Roger Morrell worked with Claudia, the community organizer to run a Free Flight model building and flying session for the Lost Hills community.  This was held in the new Community Center just behind the fire station in Lost Hills.  Very good first session with great participation of the kids and some parents and teachers.  We got all the AMA Racers to fly but ran out of time to do as much flying as we would have liked. Very successful event and now have to work out the next steps.  We learnt some lessons on how to do it better next time and look forward to working with the community and doing it again.

We flew outdoors on the soccer field, which has an astro turf surface. It worked well in the 100 F/38C afternoon temperatures and was a lot cleaner than the 'natural' dirt and dust on our field.

Some pictures of the event in the FB Free Flight Group at the following link

Message from one of our sponsors

Any one looking for timers or other parts from Magic Timers/ Magic Model Sport at the Mongolia World Champs need notify/remind us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell