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Still some F1B items left in the Bernard sale

From:     Bernard Guest

Hi All,
So Still have some key items for sale (I have pictures if you want them):

1. Really nice new 190 cm LDA, 2 servo fly off and rounds F1B. This is the latest Tony Matthews/Brian Eggleston  design and is the same design that Tony and Ladi will use at the Mongolia world champs (hopefully to win). As an illustration of the potential of this airplane: Tony has two of them and he now has one trimmed to do 120 m in the morning and is working on getting the other one to do the same, with a sink rate of better than 0.28m/s this airplane is capable of between 7 and 8 minutes.  This airplane weighs exactly 230g ready to launch, has a black magic e-timer, textreme fuselage and pylon, Bulatov, blades, coupler and boom, Stephanchuck fittings, fin and stab, and the new compound folding, low-high-low Vivchar VP front end. It is well trimmed and ready for the world champs or your next big contest (although some more work is likely needed to get her to 120 m). At $1400 this is a good deal (standard 3 servo Vivchar is $1800) but I am offering her at $1200 (without tracker and Ken Bauer RDt unit).

2. Nice, but older, Optar (Mathews/Eggleston) 6 panel 1 servo electronic F1B with stephanchuck version of the AA VP front end. The model is well trimmed and a good flyer (This airplane gets over 100 m and I have done 6.5 min in dead air with it; with more work 120 meters should be in reach). Fuselage is Vivchar and Stephanchuck. $1000.

3. Walston 16channel tracking system with 3 FM Airtek (Ken Bauer) bugs and 4 walston bugs. This is an excellent system…never lost a model while using it and have had some big flyaways. The Airtek bugs are great because they plug straight into your electronic timer and they are FM so they have a unique sound (ever find yourself sharing a channel with 5 other bugs at a big contest?). The whole kit for $1200, the 3 Airtek bugs for $400 (they work across several channels and Ken can reprogram them for a small fee if needed)

4. Airtek RDT system: includes transmitter, three stand alone rdt. receivers that require their own lipo battery and three receivers that one plugs into an electronic timer. Whole system for $700.

5. Winklesticks (set of two) - fantastic tool for model setup - $450

my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my cell if 587 894 2006



We received a couple of similar postings on the F1C RDT issue, one of which was withdrawn by the author.  We have decided not to post these as they were critical of the CIAM and their processes without offering any constructive suggestion. In fact while supporting the F1C cause they raised issues that if one thought about could been harmful to the F1C cause.  These days there is much criticism in the press of FIFA and the IOC which kind of casts aspersions on other international sporting administrations.  While sometimes the FAI and CIAM are hard to understand it is pretty clear that no one was wandering around the recent meetings with brief cases full of cash !. Some the CIAM committee members attended the February events at Lost Hills and that all appeared to arrive by normal transport like the rest of us. There were no Gulfstream G650s parked at Lost Hills airport ! (yes there an airport at Lost Hills, no scheduled services yet!).

It was also suggested that the USA should continue to run F1C events to the old rules, this is not really practical if the USA intends to continue to participate in the World Cup and the  World Champs.  This suggestion came from someone who is no longer flying F1C and any action like this, i.e.  boycotting new-rule events  should come from those who are still demonstrating an interest in taking part in International Power competition.

It is clear from the lack of recent comments on the F1C and other rules changes that people are tired of talking and going back and doing some flying. It does not mean they are happy about it, only time will tell on that one.

F1C Petition

Note that over 110 people have signed the F1C anti-4 second petition at

I’m not sure of the cut off date but active F1C flyers should get online and sign it

Roger Morrell