SEN 2017

Table of Contents - SEN 2017

  1. When the glass is half full
  2. F1C Test
  3. Mike on his posting
  4. Wawaynda Update
  5. F1B Winders for sale

When the glass is half full instead of half empty:

From:     Allard van Wallene

A remark from a known F1C flyer:

Flappers and folders have less drag than conventional C ships. At 5 seconds the speed of a flapper/folder is much higher than that of a conventional ship. The acceleration and speed in the first 2 seconds is almost identical.
Cutting away the last 1 second from a faster model will cut away more altitude.
So the penalty for a flapper/folder going from 5 to 4 seconds is much higher than the altitude loss for a conventional ship.
Conclusion: the new rule will result in a reduced altitude difference between flapper/folders and conventional F1C’s. Wasn’t this what most F1C flyers wanted or am I missing something?


F1C Test - in reply to Ross

All,  I have flown a Babenko folder on 4 seconds,  it doesn't  get as high. Surprize!  Artem's RDT which I use will not work until the model is in glide mode.  A separate  or new system is required to shut off engine at will.  To do so say at 3 seconds for a model off pattern creates an unguided missile due to the momentum.  This does not solve anything.   
Ed Carroll

Mike on his posting's reappearance

From:     Michael Woodhouse
Yes. I've just picked up the re-run.

I wasn't sure of what to do or how to handle. Urlan thanks for making comment.

On that sad front we lost Mick Howick only just a week or so back.

Michael Woodhouse

Bob Hatschek International Challenge at Wawayanda, NY, May 30-31
From:     Andrew Barron
See the note below from Alan Abriss and me regarding the Hatschek
International Challenge.  I am informed that Alan will be performing CD
duties. Regarding F1A which will be held Saturday this year, I am told that
Jama Danier from Canada is likely to attend and there is a good chance we
will have back with us a familiar W&O flyer Marion Whitney. I hope to see
many of you there.  Andrew

Dear Free Flight Friends:

by the Brooklyn Skyscrapers) is taking place at Barron Field, Wawayanda,
New York. Sat&Sun. May 30 and May 31. It has FAI,AMA and NFFS events with
Alan Abriss, CD. The FAI events are in rounds, with F1G,H,J,Q,A Saturday
starting at 9:30am and F1B,C,P Sunday with one hour rounds starting at

*Note that for this year, F1A is moved to Saturday.*
The AMA/NFFS events are HLG, CAT, Mulvihill, P-30, Dawn Unlimited, E-36,
Electric B, 1/2A,AB Classic Gas/ Nostalgia Gas, Classic Towline, Pee-Wee 30
Gas, 1/4A Nostalgia/.020 Oldtime replica. Dawn Unlimited is Sunday 6:45am
to 7am.  The AMA/NFFS events are Saturday May 25, 9am-5pm and Sunday May 26
: 8am-3pm and may be flown either day, though the CD can specify a
preferred day for each for National Cup purposes. Additional contest
details may be posted at 
Concurrently, May 30-31 there is the FOUNDING FATHERS MEMORIAL Flying Aces
meet at Barron Field with Eddie Pelatowski, CD.

Alan Abriss and Andrew Barron
Andrew cell (text preferred) +1 203 997 5229

Also Vito Gagliano will bring the Skyscrapers' store . The big incentive
will be
buy one hat or one classic tee shirt and get one free; sizes s,m,l,vl xxl

F1B Winders for sale

From:     George Batiuk
Hi Roger.

I have 2 F1B winders that I would like to sell. One is an Andriukov, well
used, but still in very good shape. The other is from Yuri Blazhevych, and
is like new. Both have good working torque meters, and a 5 to 1 winding
ratio. Neither have a counter. I would like $250 each. I can be contacted
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks, George Batiuk

Roger Morrell