SEN 2015

Table of contents - SEN 2015

  1. Ron Pollard
  2. SEN 2014 and C
  3. Testing the new CIAM rules
  4. Dino to C Boys
  5. Low Cost F1A

Ron Pollard

From Michael Woodhouse on FB

For those of you who haven't heard Ron Pollard died suddendly of heart failure last Saturday. Ron made it onto the F1B time for the UK many times with his best place at the 1979 Champs in the USA. Ron stopped F1B a few years back but continued flying successfully in the UK domestic events.
just a few of the   many comments on FB from Ron's friends

Colin Sharman
 Ron Pollard will be sadly missed. I vividly remember being on the 86 Euro Champs team in Romania, Ron had a unique ability to remain calm and positive no matter what was happening. Fond memories indeed, and he was instrumental in improving the standard of my F1As, F1Hs and HLGs in the 1970s/80s with his beautifully produced 'RonyTube' glass fibre tail booms. I still have flyable F1As that are fitted with RonyTube tail booms!

Javier Abad sad news, I met him in England in 73.

Ismail Sarioglu
 I never met him, yet he was one of the people who made me a F1B flyer.
Back at early 70's I got a copy of AirBP magazine, printed on best paper with good color photos. There was a 4 page photo interview with Ron Pollard with pictures lunching his VITAR on a snow covered field .
I was an eleven years old boy and feel in love with that beautiful black swan.
In 2 years I learned that it is a F1B and at 15, I was building my first Wakefield, some version of NorthStar.
Rest In Peace...
Don DeLoach Vitar. RIP Ron.

Ismet Yurtseven I am very sad. I met with him in 1984 Livno EC. We will never forget him and his VITAR models. Rest in peace RON.

...  and many more 

SEN 2014 and C
From:     Gene Ulm
Dear Mr Sen

Will 2015 be the last f1c world championship?

While anecdotal I have not seen one f1c flyer speak out in support of the rules change.  An accurate reading of current sentiment would be total and complete opposition.  Opposition so strong that the changes endanger the class.

It strikes me that the sensible thing to do would be to delay the rules' effect.

Delay them until more sensible changes can be made that don't eliminate so many flyers. 

Governments delay policies because unforeseen impacts all the time. Clearly this can be done by rule makers?   Clearly there is plenty of time to do this prior to '16? 

testing the new Ciam rules
From:     John Cuthbert
Hi Roger,
              I believe there is an opportunity to test out all the new CIAM rules, with the exception of engine stop and RDT functions for F1C, at this years World Championships in Mongolia. There is an event scheduled for August 1st, which is after the Championships have finished, that could be used to test these new rules before implementation. I refer to the MIXMAN International which is advertised as an Open International and does not have World Cup status. As it is a one day contest for all three disciplines so it would suit perfectly the 5 round format with extended maxes/flyoff's etc. It has the added bonus of having the CIAM Chairman, Ian Kaynes, in attendance so he can observe at first hand how the new rules will operate in competition.
        It only requires the cooperation of the Mongolian hosts, organisers, CD and the flyers to make this happen. It may need some lobbying from the fliers themselves but it seems to me to be a too good an opportunity to miss.

                                                                                    Regards, John Cuthbert.

Dino to C Boys

F1c flyers.

Well, it seems pretty clear the new rules are most unpopular. I'm sure they were made with good intentions, but very few if any comments on Sen before the vote.
Maybe nobody thought they would pass.

But with the arguments about balancing the field, cutting cost, and making it easier and cheaper to get into the sport, the exact opposite is upon us.

Fixed wings direct drive models now obsolete and basically unsellable. Next, the rdt does not make F1C safer. Now, we have glided missiles heading towards the ground and if motor shuts off, a silent missile.  Not good fix by anyone's standard.
The cost just went up with RDT and now if you want a chance to win, so did the models. You will have buy folders. I really dont think this is what the proposers had in mind. So lets fix the problems. Resend these rules. And if there must be a change lets do it right for all. Make it 4.5 sec for gears, flappers and folders. An 5 sec for fixed Wing direct drive models. It an easy fix and can be done without too much trouble. The countries can vote on an acceptable proposal via email. It ain't that difficult.. But the flyers have to lobby their countries reps to do so.. Each country with F1c flyers need to get it done within their group. Just sitting bitching about it wont get it done. Get organized and do it the right way. It's up to you the flyers to do so.
The RDT issue needs to be pushed back to say 2018 to allow time to switch the flyers systems over. Simple stuff if you guys get organized.  Good luck..
Michael Achterberg

Low Cost F1A

Does anyone have experience with these guys ?

Roger Morrell