SEN 1986

Table of contents - SEN 1986

  1. Seen Walston For sale
  2. Back to the Future
  3. Classic 3 Wheel Chase Machine
  4. Trivia Help Wanted
  5. Verbie Motor Wanted

$150 Walston Rx on Ebay...
From:     Greg Stewart
$100.00 for a limited time
You watched at $250.00. It was just discounted to $150.00.
$150.00 for a limited time
 1 left at this price. 1 buyers watching.

No connection, just noticed it and I have several receivers already.
Greg in Mississippi

Back to the Future ?

Date:     03/23/2015 (05:38:52 PM UTC)
From:     Douglas Galbreath
It looks to me like the existing F1C rules are hastening the death of F1C world wide. No entries in the Scat Annual!! Same thing happening at all of the contests. F1C used to be one of the best events back when we built our own models. Now CF construction, along with the expense of tooling up, the average flyer having no knowledge of how to build a state of the art F1C now, the cost of the crash-prone new models, and on and on. The problem comes to a head when Joe F1C crashes his 3500 dollar F1C and comes home and announces that the family budge has to cough up another 3500 bucks for a new F1c. for him to play with. Problem is he can't afford the new model and the divorce, so he quits.
1.8 meter wing, same area, no folders, no flappers, no carbon. Reinstate the builder of the model rule. F1c would come back. Simple as that!

Douglas Galbreath
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Editor's F1C observation - There is some level of push back in the USA on complex airplanes. Note that the USA Team for Mongolia plus the alternate all have fixed wing airplanes.    Partly to do with the location of the Champs but it also seems to be a balance between cost and complexity on one side against being able to nail a good flight with a sound simpler airplane. The performance of a good fixed wing , direct drive model is nor than adequate to get well into the fly off 

Also F1C, no matter what form of construction is no beginner's class and there are not enough young people flying the AMA, F1J or F1P classes so there is no pathway to F1C.

If we look at the top young junior power flyers of a few years back - two are following military careers that don't give them time to fly, well not models !  Cody is working at education and career., Brian has just started College and prefers flying F1B.Taron is working at it but it is tough.

Classic Chase Machine for Sale

From:     Dave Mayer
Thanks for your news leter.  When Mile Square shut down, my F.F. flying did
about the same.  I do go flying with my .."Guru Buddy"  Toshi Hatazawa from
time to time, but that too is limited.   I have for sale, my ...Cherry 3
wheel KA 185 3 wheel; chase machine.  It has just been freshly tuned, new
tires, And less then 6 trip to Lost Hills.  Also, I have a custom trailer,
that goes with it at ..No Charge!   The ...Give Away Price is $600.00   I
live in Tustin, CA  Cordially Dave Mayer HLC  B&C gas
tel # 714 633 1690.   email.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  What is your email, as I
can't figure out how to attach the pictures?

[Dave, that's because we don't do pictures ....]

trivia, help.?
Hi Guys,
I need some help with FAI  history and thought you might have a source of
info that I've  missed:
In the 80's, Eugene Verbitsky was  bitten by a snake and was unable to fly
in a WC. A Russian F1B flew proxy for  him (and flew well). I need to know
the year and name of the proxy flier.   Igor Zildberg comes to mind??
Thanks in advance,      Bill Lovins in Colorado
Rick Pangell
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The  Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado


From:     John Cuthbert

Hi Roger,
              Would you please be kind enough to place the following WANTED ad in your next issue of Scat news:

Wanted: Verbitsky three blade geared F1C engine. Please contact John Cuthbert on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Many thanks, John

[I think this email just appeared- it looks like it was sent a few days back ....]

Roger Morrell