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  1. SCAT Annual Reminder
  2. Retro-Fitting round booms
  3. Where have all the hobby shops gone - gone to ladies ...
SCAT Annual Reminder

SCAT Annual Reminder- Revised

March 14 and 15, 2015.  Full flyer in SEN #1975 (Feb25,2015) and NFFs Contest Calendar
New for 2015: P30, 1/2A Nos Gas, ABC Combo Gas
Custom Laser Wood Plaque Trophies by the Malkhasyan's

Shlomi, Peter and I enjoyed a great day of testing this past Saturday. Bud Romak was there testing as well. 
The field had gotten more rain this past week-- some damp spots still but making for a green landscape. Calm morning and light breeze in the afternoon. 
Wunderground currently shows contest Saturday and Sunday to be the same. 
We found  the thermals soft throughout the day-- ground still giving off moisture.  We were also reminded that there are snakes in this area-- Shlomi spotted one. Also there are a large number of bees enjoying the small yellow flowers-- they did not bother us as we happily towed cross the field,

I plan to run the FAI events from a new location: 1/4 mi west and 1/4 mile north of the current RV area. This is at the inside corner of the Holloway land and the nested Cashin  land. The Cashin soil is compact  (ie was not plowed in previous years like the Holloway land) so the rubber guys will have firm soil to stake into-- not rock hard like the rocky ridge but the same or better as where the MaxMen fly-off was held. 

The flight line will be on the Holloway-Cashin property line and the RVs / car parking  on the Holloway land We drove SUVs and  a VW camper on the Holloway ground without any problems. I'll find out if the ground is RV ok on Thursday when I arrive-- if it is I will be setting FAI contest central there. I'll attempt to move an outhouse to this location as well.

Lee Hines is the AMA event CD. He plans to stay on the main field. Contestants can sign up at either the FAI or AMA score tables. Lee also mentioned that some of the electric guys will be making a run at the national records this weekend.   The SCAT annual has had numerous records set and this weekend looks to be good for setting some more.

Please polish and bring the F1ABCG and H perpetual trophies. I have the F1J trophy. If the 2014 winners do not have the perpetual trophy, please let me know so I can start tracking them down.

SCAT Annual 2014 Winners
F1A, Brian VanNest
F1B, Blake Jensen
F1C, Jeff Ellington
F1Q, Matt Gewain
F1G, Blake Jensen
F1H, Ken Bauer
OHLG, Tim Batiuk
Catapult Glider, Tim Batiuk
Classic Towline, Tim Batiuk
Vintage FAI Power, Glen Snider
E36, Stan Buddenbohm
Jr Glider High Time, Taron Malkhasyan
Jr Rubber High Time, Sevac Malkhasyan
$100, 20-Something Award, Ben Coussens

Thermals, Jim Parker
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Retro Fitting Round Booms

From:     Jon Zeisloft

Regarding your question about using a vertical web in a round tail boom:

Back in the early to mid 1980's when I was building* balsa *F1Bs, George
Batiuk put me onto the use of a vertical-grain vertical balsa web in the
round tail boom to prevent breakage of the boom upon DT. I cannot speak
about preventing twisting, but it really does work to stop breakage and
probably also to minimize flexing in the vertical plane. It is easier to do
than you might think, and I probably still have one or two around.

Jon Zeislof

“Where have all the Hobby Shops gone …

 .. Gone to young girls every one” *

From time to time we hear our fellow modelers bemoaning the lack of hobby shops and wondering where they have all gone. The Hobby shops are of course still there, maybe just not our hobby?

The Fab Feb contests Walt Ghio and Igor Vivchar were looking at each others models and comparing notes. Walt showed Igor a ‘new material’ used make the blades fold on the hubs of his F1B. Walt explained to Igor that this was a special stretchy nylon that served much better than rubber because it did not abrade so easily as rubber bands tied around the prop hangers.. He told Igor that you found this at a hobby shop for ladies. On return to Los Angeles from Lost Hills your editor  had to take Igor to the jewelry section of Michael’s Craft store where he found “Stretch Magic”, which  unfortunately said editor can’t claim credit for as a Magic Timers product. This is a special form of stretchy nylon, available in a number of diameters is intended for stringing necklaces. The 1mm size seems good for the prop folding application.  


While online at another hobby shop,, this run by a lady, Lady Ada, who appears to be a very fashionable young lady possibly related in some way (at least philosophically)  to Ada Lovelace **. While browsing this site looking for his  usual geek stuff, such as the latest in sensors to time models for dinosaurs etc. your editor  stumbled upon Sugru. This room temperature vulcanizing rubber compound that can formed like modelling clay but turns is to sold rubber after about 45 minutes exposure to air. It comes in small sealed packets in a variety of colors. It is touted for repairing all kinds of stuff from shoes to plumbing. For the wired sportsman it is excellent for putting strain relief gussets on all manner of a cables from custom LiPo charging to F1A hook switches. It helps support solder joints to stop them from breaking as well as keeping out dirt and moisture. Seeing it sticks to most things it there are many other supporting and sock absorbing applications in our hobby. It turns out that Sugru can be obtained from other  sources and even though it was invented by a lady she does not appear to be quite as colorful as the famous Lady Ada.

All this goes to show where the Hobby Shops have gone and that maybe Pete Seeger knew something all along.

*Credit/apologies to Pete Seeger

** Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron is generally credited as being the first computer programmer

Roger Morrell