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  1. VSM at Lost Hills
  2. regaining focus .
  3. Kiwi Cup Results Online Link..

Invitation to VSM at Fabulous February in Lost Hills/ California

Dear participants of Fabulous February,
You are welcome to fly at on any free contest day at sunrise with us your VSM session J
  • Trim your model for best gliding mode, it will help to win the next Fly off
  • Be sure, you will enjoy the early morning flying after a beautiful sunrise  
  • You make this silent flights in remembrance and honor of Victor Stamov

You shouldn’t miss this great moment of dawning before such splendid artistic sunrise. Your calm silent flights afterwards will enjoy you in totally relaxed moment in the wonderful nature. Be sure: The overwhelming feeling of this emotional moment to fly at sunrise will be much higher than the feeling of sleeping longer and to guard your mattress - try yourself and “Wake up … fly VSM without thermal and afterwards you will be happy!”

NEW rule feature makes VSM flying more enjoyable for all:
After making in last half year experiences and receiving feedback, the VSM rules will be modified and made easier to fly a result in shorter timewithout big effort.

·       Argument:   “Too hard to fly 5 flights in 2 hours after sunrise”

Change 1: It is also possible to come with only 3 flights in the scoring

                  New: make minimum 3 (in old version were 4), maximum 5 unlimited flights ...
 Practical example and explanation you find on   VSM calculation of rule examples 20150204

·       Argument: “Too difficult to find somebody as timekeeper in the morning”

Change 2: Using altimeter as timekeeper is from now on possible

       Explanation you find on   Usage of Altimeter in VSM flying 20150204 and VSM usage of Altimeter 20150204

There are 2 separate features for altimeter usage, which will be calculated, if you enter online the optional data like height, altimeter type and upload the graph:

1.      “VSM high and fly” - which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m  -> flying to the ground

2.       new in 2015: ”VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact following VSM promoter in Lost Hills: Brian van Nest, Jim Parker, Roger Morrell, Leslie Farkas, Tony Mathews     
Following European VSM Country coordinator will be also in Lost Hills and promote this VSM: Per Findahl, Gary Madelin, Roland Koglot, Robert Lesko
If you like to fly VSM and honor Victor Stamov, come to the registration of KIWI CUP (Roger Morell) or NORTH AMERICAN CUP (Tony Matthews), pay your starting fee of 2US$, receive a starting card and fly free at any morning in Lost Hills your VSM session. In a group of 5-6 flyers, helping and timing each other is this e very effektive training for the surely great upcoming Fly off’s of these Fabulous February World Cup events. 

A short introduction into VSM 2015 with mission and goals you find under and VSM calculation of rule examples 20150204 on the VSM Blog.

Actual news more basis Infos you find on Facebook or … but the new features must be updated in next weeks. If you have any question, ask your VSM country

This VSM should be run in best sportsmanship with respect and fairness of all, due the remembrance of our friend Victor Stamov is the centre of this innovative series!

Ansgar Nüttgens

Feedback on VSM from European flyers

Hallo Ansgar,

That is a great idea and I will try to do my best flying VSM in Lost Hills. I will make my VSM flights with my old simple model (build from Victor drawing 20 years ago) to honor Victor. I'll do my best to promote VSM among others.

Robert Lesko
Hello Ansgar!

I think it is a good idea with the altimeter, and 3 flights is also good, so for me it sounds fine. I will be happy to support this VSM in Lost Hills and hope many of you will do the same.

For me personally this way of flying is impossible at home, not big enough fields. One interesting thing, which you described on the info sheet could also be, that you could use the altimeter with estimated flying time. Many times the graph is a straight line in this kind of weather, and even if you can only fly like 3 min, the altimeter can calculate some good guess about flying time to the ground. This could also be used, then I could fly also on my field, perhaps other persons have same problems and enjoy in this test mode.

Per Findahl

I am going to California, only for the last weekend. Brian Lavis, John Cooper and me will do VSM at sunrise on Saturday 14 February.

Gary Madelin
Hi Ansgar,

 I will try to make VSM together with other in California. Of course I will try to promote and hope that others will join in flying together. 

Roland Koglot


NEW features in VSM flying by using altmeter

Altimeter is a modern technical part, which will be used by more and more friends in freeflight models. Due to the problem of performance surplus and therefore more and more sight problems in timing at Fly offs with long flights, it is time to start some more tests  also in FF to develop this benefit to us for the future! To make some more experiences. I request your attention on the following usage in VSM and appreciate your assistance by taking part in VSM!

To solve the problem, that it is too difficult to find somebody as timekeeper in the morning, we allow from 2015 on the usage of altimeter as timekeeper.

In case of using altimeter as “timekeeper” please upload the graph online and add the height and altimeter type in online entering process on the VSM website.

There are 2 separate features for altimeter usage, which will be calculated, if you enter the optional data like height, altimeter type and upload the graph :


1. “VSM high and fly” - which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m?

If you upload your altimeter graph you take part in this new interesting “VSM high and fly” like automatically all models towed up with 50 m, but no start with gaining height, defined here in VSM as innovative category  F1A-50 or F1H-50 details on

2. new in 2015: ”VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min

As a special offer to all, who like to participate in VSM, but hasn't in near home distance a flying field for long flights to the ground and to reach more experience with altimeter usage, it will be also possible to d/t after 3 min and to take from the send graph the notional time by extrapolation of the position 10 sec after highest to the point at 180 sec by prolongation this line to the ground level.

Don’t cry and test it - it is for all the same and therefore comparable!

Actual news on More basis info you find on Facebook

Regaining Focus  ...
From:     Gil Morris

By-golly, Doug, you have something there. For years new events have been added to prop up total attendance. Now it's time for contraction, merger and simplification. Inviting AMA guys to join with FAI is a good first step toward regaining focus.

Kiwi Cup Results

Pre-entry information for the Kiwi World Cup at Lost Hills on 7 Feb…/1HaMJJg3AnHLewEOOLdI0bn3YRX

There will be live updates during the contest. This is a work in progress as the entries are not official until the entrant has paid etc ..This will happen on the field on Friday 6 Feb and the morning of the event.

Roger Morrell