SEN 1960

Table of Contents - SEN 1960

  1. Memorial Services for Kenny Happersett
  2. Ross on Ron
  3. Correction to CIAM Proposal
  4. Further Timing thoughts
  5. Unexpected Consequences of Technology

Memorial Services for Kenny Happersett will be held at. 
Heritage Memorial 
27712 East Beach Blvd. 
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647 
January 30, 2015  At. 2:00 P.M. 

Ron Young

Ross on Ron

Ron's comments were very interesting, I would love to attend his low tech
F1B event with my Prima model (constant chord, auto rudder only) but alas I
will be in the classroom.

Restricting model performance will mean more missed maxes and smaller
flyoffs, at least for a few years. But once a model is in a thermal,
regardless of its complexity or cost, it's high in the air, heading down
wind for 3 or more minutes. Once again the timer and the field (and wind
speed) are the determining factors.

The near vertical angle of launch is the reason we use APR and DPR. That
launch was developed to maximize climb (in conjunction with auto-surfaces)
with a smaller motor. Launching at that angle requires a certain velocity
and trajectory that are hard to control with two handed launches, that's
why Alex expressed concern.

Oddly enough it was that move from 50 grams to 40 grams Ron mentioned that
coincides with the pervasive use of auto-surfaces in F1B. In fact most of
the current technology, VIT, wing wigglers, VP, DPR, had been developed
under the 40 gram rule, and subsequent reductions to 35 then 30 grams had
minimal affect on performance. Is 25 grams a tipping point, or just a speed
bump? Ron's contest could provide some preliminary data.


Correction on CIAM Proposals

There was one mistake I made in my summary of CIAM proposals: the proposal
to reduce F1B rubber weight to 25g was from Poland not Germany. Apologies
for wrongly attributing, but it does not change the fact that the change is
listed in a proposal. My error was particularly apparent in Ron Felix's
interesting and thoughtful piece in SEN 1959 referring to 25g as the
"German" proposal.





Further Timing thoughts

There has been further discussions on FB about alternate, automated ways of timing flights.  The most obvious being the an onboard altimeter that has an accurate clock so you can "see" the flight on the altimeter's out put. 
Some additional comments on how you determine the start of the flight.  

An alternative way would be to video the flight with an on board camera. The field of view would need to include the ground and tow hook in the case of an F1A model. Perhaps one could even see an aerial view of the Jama Danier, dive launch ?
Maybe these video would become a You Tube cult viewing? or a free flight promotional item.

Any way we can expect to see some of these at the Fab Feb events.  We are planning on putting the Fab Feb events on lines so who knows maybe some videos or altimeter traces too. Even more fodder for the Monday morning quarter backs {not sure how to internationalize this Americanism for SEN's international readership!.

The Unexpected Consequences of Technology
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