SEN 1951

Table of Contents - SEN 1951

  1. Kiwi, North American and MaxMen Update
  2. Transport help wanted
  3. Thermal machine for sale
  4. F1C Stuff for sale

Fab- Feb - Kiwi, North America and Maxmen World Cups !!!!! Update

Firstly that Tony Mathews tells us that at popular request they have added F1Q to the North American Cup and the revised flyer in included in the updated information bundle downloadable at :

The bundle now includes a one page summary of the long weeks events

Fab Feb @ Lost Hills Summary
see flyers for all details

get packet at

Fri 6 from Noon Entry on Field for Kiwi and Ike
SAT 7 Feb
Kiwi World Cup F1 ABCPQ
E-36 World Challenge
McCready HLG
many other AMA Events
SUN 8 Feb
Ike FAI Mini Events F1HGJ(if you enter before) Trial F1S
McCready CLG
Even More AMA Events

Mon 9 Feb 
Kiwi World Cup F1E
Kiwi Reserve day
North American Entries on Field

Tues 10
North American World Cup F1ABCQ

Wed 11 
Ladies Tea Party  (exact time subject to Change depending of flying schedule, check with Janna)

Thurs 12
Cal Cup F1E World Cup
MaxMen Entries on Field

Fri 13 Feb
Maxmen F1A World Cup

Sat 14 
Maxmen F1BCP World Cup 

Sun 15
MaxMen F1Q World Cup 
Maxmen F1GHJ Mini Events

Mon 16

MaxMen Reserve day

Finally from Tony again. all the events, World Cup in particular have requested pre-entry so make sure you send your information in.  This is so timesheets etc can be prepared.  We are planning to have on-line scoring for all event.

Requesting assistance in transporting a model

I wonder if anyone attending Max Men and traveling to ice contests in Europe could help? I would be grateful if someone had room in their model box, could pick up one F1H glider from Max Men contest and carry it over to Europe, either Holiday on Ice or the Finnish contests (Bear Cup, Moose Cup). If possible, please contact me: tapio dot linkosalo at iki dot fi . Thanks!


For sale:

Thermal detection machine, made by Pim Ruyter. Wind velocity and temperature sensors, transmitter up to 100m. Including battery charger, tripod, and carrying suitcase.
price: $600
Can be delivered in lost hills on February.
For more details please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

F1C Stuff for Sale  

Hi again Roger,

Can you try this again please, didn't show last time, just the for sale at
the top of the page.



For Sale

New  Babenko wing and stab set, curved tip style,
M1-10, never fitted to a model. Wing covered in
 Oracover, stab in mylar both for  $700

Can bring to Lost Hills in February if told by 1st January 
can post at cost.
Roy Summersby This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell