SEN 1729

SEN 1729 -  Table of Contnets

  1. Heading for the SWR?
  2. Stafford - UKR
  3. Stafford - GBR
  4. George Fuller
  5. Ken Oliver
  6. Working with James May ?

For those of you who  are deciding what models to fly at the SWR in 
Eloy..just a reminder that this years SWR will feature three new FLYING ACES 
events. On Saturday at 10AM, we will be flying a WW II COMBAT mass launch . If 
you have a rubber powered WW II sure to bring it. On Sunday,  we 
will run a THOMPSON/GREVE RACE mass launch, so bring a racer that was in
those  races and fly at 10AM also. On Monday at 10AM the third mass launch will
be HIGH  WING RUBBER SCALE. So dust off that high wing scale and put in a
new motor and  FLY..!!  FLYING ACES rules apply to these new SWR events.
Roger Willis

Stafford Remembered

Dear Free Flight Fliers,


I am very sorry to say that our best friend and very good FF flier

Stafford Screen passed away.

 Me, Valentin Mozirsky, Artem Babenko, Victor Stamov and many

model fliers from Ukraine and Russia accept our condolences for

everybody who was acquainted with Stafford. He was really GREAT

person. The remembrance about Stafford will be stay in our hearts

all life.


Yours faithfully

Eugene Verbitsky.


Stafford's death leaves a huge hole in the F1C world, not least here in the
UK where his approach to the class, the improvements he led and encouraged,
changed things irreversibly.

It seems meaningless now but I still wish that maybe once - just once ­ he'd
managed to win the World Championship. He seemed to deserve it. So near so
often but never quite there. A great shame.

We'll miss him.

Michael Warren, London, UK.

George Fuller
I have also just heard from my father Jim Moseley that the designer of The Dixielander, a long time free flighter and someone I had the pleasure of timing for at the nats died on the 30th December 2012.
I was only recently talking to Stafford about buying one of his models this year to get into F1C.
Two huge losses to the world of free flight within days.
God bless em both.

Ken Oliver

  Stafford will for sure be missed. We had some fine times together.
  On another sad note, Stafford's friend and mine as well, Kenny Oliver passed away the same day as Stafford. Kenny's wife Edith left this earth just a month before him.

  Bob Gutai

Working with James May


We have the BMFA office on the case. There are few ideas of how we could use this to our advantage.

Michael Woodhouse

Roger Morrell