SEN 1771

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  1. Wawayanda
  2. MMM World Cup Update
  3. Harghita World Cup details

Wawayanda weekend weather

Free flight friends,

  Some of you have emailed concerns about the weather forecasted for the Hatchek International Challenge this weekend at Barron Field in New York and what impact that may have on the scheduled flying.  The forecast for Saturday morning does look bad.  But the rain ends at about noon Saturday, and Sunday looks like it may turn out rather nice.  I have found to be most reliable.  Its forecast for Sunday is partly sunny, temp near 60, essentially no chance for rain Sunday and maximum wind of 8 mph.  There are other forecasts out there (like that by wunderground which predicts much stronger winds).  The reason for the variability is seen from the projected path of the front.  The boundary of the back side of the storm this weekend is shown to be in the vicinity of that part of New York, so it all depends on how fast the storm moves through on Saturday.

  So the above constitutes encouragement to show up.  Saturday afternoon might be OK (wind is the concern), and Sunday especially has a good chance to be nice.

  Let me explain the procedure on any possible postponement of events. co-CD Dave Acton explains that the AMA rules are clear.  One may not postpone an event based on forecast.  Only based on actual conditions (e.g. from actual lack of visibility due to rain or from excessive wind). The contest directors will be there Saturday.  It might well be acceptable to fly Saturday, perhaps with some delay. If it is not flyable Saturday afternoon, we will postpone Saturday's events until Sunday.  If that happens we will allow sufficient round length and round overlap on Sunday to facilitate flying multiple events if you like.  If you are not there Saturday, you may call Dave or me (203-645-2786) Saturday morning for particulars about whether the Saturday events have been moved to Sunday.

  As for Sunday, I believe from the evidence that it will be good.  But if it is not fliable then Sunday morning we would entertain postponement to a later date.  We would need to obtain clearance from Jim Parker representing SCAT for the postponed date to count for America's Cup (AC). Traditionally he would want one month notice to facilitate travelers, but to avoid conflict with the Annual and other AC events I would push for a two week notice in which the Skyscraper Challenge would subsume the Wilbur and Orville June 8-9 making that weekend be an America's Cup Skyscraper Challenge meet.

  Stay positive.  Our typical experience is that most weekends this time of year have some nice weather to enjoy and that those who choose not to come based on forecast have reason to regret their decisions when some nice weather does occur.

  One other comment.  The forecasted directions are wind from the NNW saturday and from the North sunday.  This means that we would likely set up on the Dean Ford grass to the left of the entrance road and send the models over the short crops.  The Ford's cut and gathered their grass last week so those fields are in good condition. This is the best time of the year for that direction as the crops are so short (4 to 6 inches) that there will not be difficulty finding the models.


Andrew Barron (Host and Field Marshall)
Dave Acton (CD)
Alan Abriss (CD)


MMM 14 Round World Cup Update

From Jerry Murphy
Hello Competitors,
Here is the latest information on this year's MMM Club 14 round World Cup contest.  We have received several comments concerning the service and condition of the previous hotel so we have managed to secure a new and better place.  This Best Western hotel is a full service inn with breakfast every morning.
The Saturday evening dinner is a short walk (less than the length of a tow line) from the hotel.
A reminder that the F1E competition has been moved to Monday July 15 so that the members of this year's team will be able to use this event as a team practice before the world champs.
Round times remain un changed from previous years.  The first four rounds each day are 90 minutes so that competitors can fly both the world cup events in addition to the mini events.  The remaining three rounds will be 60 minutes in duration.  First round starts at 07:30 each day and flying ends at 16:30.
FAI Fly-offs begin at 17:00 Sunday.
There will be no extended maxs for the first round. 
You can become a member of the Blue Jacket club by posting a perfect score of 14 maxs.
Entry forms are available on the MMM web site at
Hotel Information
Best Western Plus Denver Tech Center (DTC)
9231 East Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, CO  80112
$65/night double occupancy Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 12, 13, &14. Ask for MMM Club group rate. You may stay fewer nights or additional nights but only those three nights are locked in at the group rate.
This hotel is being remodeled and is currently called the Greenwood Inn.  When you call to make reservations, it will likely be called by that name.  
Banquet Information
El Parral Mexican Restaurant
25 yards east of the Best Western Hotel (shares the same parking lot)
9261 E Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, CO  80112
Saturday, July 13, 6:00 cocktails, 7:00 dinner.

Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829


Organiser: Clubul Copiilor, Asociatia Szitakoto Cristuru Secuiesc, Roumania

Date of contest: 29th 30 iune 2013

Place: Barmoud field, Salonta, Roumania

Flying area: This area is about 7 km from Salonta.

Entry fee:30 Eur seniors F1A, B, C / 40 Eur for two classes /, 20 Eur juniors for one class,

F1H category- part of the EURO CHALLANGE F1H 20 Eur seniors, 10 Eur juniors

Prizes: The first three in individual listing will be awarded.

Protest should be submitted to the Jury no later then 15 min after the criticized event and accompanied with a deposit of 30 Euros.

Application must be arrived until 15th iune 2013 onto the following address.

Contact person: István Kiss This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friday, 29th iune 2013: Arrival, registration for F1 A from 16:00 to 23:00.
Place of registration is the Barmoud field: 16:00 to 21:00, and Aero Klub Metalul Salonta 21:00-23:00.
Address: Salonta str. Republicii Nr. 92.

Saturday, 29th iune 2013: Registration till 9:30 a.m. on the airfield!

F1-A contest day, registration F1B, C and F1H
Sunday, 30th iune 2013: F1 B, C, H contest day

  • Contest F1A, F1B, F1C- contest F1H

10,00 – 11,00 1st round max 210 sec F1A, 240 sec F1B, C 120 sec

11,00 – 12,00 2nd round max 180 sec 120 sec

12,00 – 13,00 3rd round max 180 sec 120 sec

13,00 – 14,00 4th round max 180 sec 120 sec

14,00 – 15,00 5th round max 180 sec 120 sec

15,00 – 16,00 6th round max 180 sec

16,00 – 17,00 7th round max 180 sec

18,30 Fly off according the necessity and weather.

The organizer reserves himself to change the length of individuals round according the number of participants and change max sec of the last round according due to a weather. The organizer wishes all participants pleasant stay and good sport result.

István Kiss

Roger Morrell