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  1. Auction Alert
  2. MaxMen Correction
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Auction alert! Very rare '79 WCh T-shirt!

Attention SEN Readers!
To all collectors of Free Flight memorabilia!
I recently found a pristine 79 WChamps T-shirt whilst 
looking for something else, of course. 
These orange t-shirts with 'Bob White Wake logo' are highly prized 
& sought after. 
They were exclusively made for the 79 Taft WChamps. 
Therefore, I would like to see it go to someone's eager hands. 
The Idea I came up with is as follows: Hold a 'Silent Auction'. 

Bidding starts now & bidding ends Wednesday, Feb 12 @ 5PM.
The shirt will be awarded to the highest bidder during the 
SCAT AM CUP Banquet, on Saturday evening, Feb 15. 
(if winner is not in attendance, delivery will be negotiated)

Proceeds will go to USA Junior Team Fund.

Send all bids to me, Lee Hines, by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or phone: 949-885-6346 (between 0900 & 1900hrs, PST)
Thanks for listening, & good luck!


MaxMen Correction

F1Q Price update for the Max Men


We have been receiving $15 as the entry fee for F1Q, there was a misprint on
the flyer and the price didn't get updated when we reposted the flyer. F1Q
is now a big event but flown on Sunday to make it easier for the competitors
to fly both days.  To clarify again, the price for F1Q for the Max Men is
$30 as noted on the first page. 


Thank you



Missing or not SEN issues

From time to time SEN issues do not arrive at their destination.  There are a number of reasons, sometimes it is a formatting problem of a technical problem on my side or with out service provider, but most times it is with the general mail delivery process or your service provider thinking we are spam.  Note that to ensure that delivery work we send s couple copies to our own email addresses and we verify that these arrive in one piece.  In addition it take several hours between when we start th process and when the last issue i sent. This is because we have to throttle the rate of send to avoid the anti-spam police.

You are welcome or even encouraged to let us know if there is a problem, if we believe there is a general issue we will either resend the issue or issue a correction in a subsequent issue.  We may or may not reply to your message

We do post the issues online at , although sometimes it take a day or so it get it there.

Roger Morrell