SEN 1831

Table of Contents - SEN 1831

  1. World Cup Whoops
  2. Rubber for sale

World Cup Whoops

As a couple of people pointed out in my hurry to get SEN 1830 out and messed up the cut and paste and left the punch line off - i.e. the last line of the list of events with the Hanukkah Open in Israel - getting the last event of 2014.

But any way hope you all are looking at the first 3 on the list ... see you there

 Feb 8-10 Lost Hills USA Kiwi Cup ABCPQ
Feb 12 Lost Hills USA North American Cup ABC
Feb 13-17 Lost Hills USA Maxmen ABCPQ
Mar 15 Gjovik NOR Holiday on Ice ABCQ
Mar 20 Säkylä FIN Swedish Moose Cup ABCPQ
Mar 22-23 Säkylä FIN Bear Cup ABCQ
Apr 11-15 Nalchik RUS Euro & Asia Cup ABCP
Apr 15-19 Nalchik RUS Naloev Cup ABCP
Apr 18-19 Orim ISR Passover Open ABCPQ
Apr 23-24 Narrandera AUS Kotuku Cup ABC
Apr 25-27 Narrandera AUS Southern Cross Cup ABC
Apr 26 Lucenec SVK L. Janacik - Jumbo Cup ABC
Apr27-May1 Narrandera AUS Australian FF Champs ABC
May 3-4 Vsechov CZE Jihocesky Pohar ABC
May 10-11 Andover GBR Stonehenge Cup ABCPQ
May 10 Salonta ROU Szabo Miklos ABCQ
May 11 Salonta ROU 4th Budapest Cup ABCQ
May 14-16 Kharkov LAT FF Latvia Cup ABC
May 16-18 Vize-Kirklareli TUR Istanbul FF Cup ABC
May 16-18 Pazardzik BUL Sofia Cup ABCP
May 24-25 Zrenjanin SRB 31st Srem Cup ABCPQ
June 16-19 Uralsk KAZ Kazakhstan Cup ABCP
June 20-24 Samara RUS Mihail Knyazev ABCP
June 26 Rinkaby SWE Swedish Cup ABCPQ
June 27-30 Rinkaby SWE Danish Cup ABCPQ
June 29-30 Rinkaby SWE Norwegian Cup ABCQ
July 10-12 Denver USA Centennial Cup ABCPQ
July 11-15 Nalchik RUS Elbrus Cup ABCP
July 11-12 Chernigiv UKR 34th Antonov Cup ABCP
July 11-13 Denver USA Tui Cup ABCPQ
July 12-13 Chernigiv UKR Commonwealth Belarus ABCP
July 12 Mostar BIH 50th Mostar Kup ABCQ
July 19 Tottenham CAN Huron Cup ABCQP
July 19-24 Ulaanbaatar MGL Mongolia Cup ABCP
Aug 2-3 Ankara TUR Anatolian FF Cup ABC
Aug 8 Salonta ROU Harghita Cup ABCPQ
Aug 8-9 Noizé FRA Poitou ABC
Aug 9 Salonta ROU Salonta Cup ABC
Aug 23 Bosanski BIH Izet Kurtalic ABC
Sep 4-7 Zülpich GER 45th Eifelpokal 2014 ABCQ
Sep 5-6 Feodosia UKR FF Holiday Mongolia ABC
Sep 6 Kietrz POL Kietrz Cup ABCQ
Sep 7 Raçibórz POL Raciborz Cup ABCQ
Sep 10-11 Berehove UKR FF Holiday Latvia ABC
Sep 12-15 Samara RUS Almaty Cup ABCP
Sep 12-13 Berehove UKR Victor Stamov Cup ABC
Sep 12-14 Levski BUL Bulgaria cup ABCP
Sep 20 Zabokreky SVK Hogo Cup ABC
Sep 27-28 Andover GBR Equinox Cup ABCPQ
Sep 27 Prilep MKD Prilep cup ABCPQ
Sep 28 Prilep MKD World Cup Macedonia ABCPQ
Oct 4-5 Vsechov CZE Jihocesky Pohar ABC
Oct 11-12 Capannori ITA Trofeo Capannori ABCQ
Oct 11-12 Lost Hills USA Canada Cup ABCQ
Oct 12-14 Lost Hills USA Sierra Cup ABCPQ
Oct 18 Zagreb CRO CRO Cup Siscia ABCQ
Oct 18 Zrenjanin SRB Djordje Zigic ABC
Oct 19 Zagreb YUG CRO Cup Zapresic ABCQ
Oct 25-26 Arzay-Bossieu FRA Philippe Lepage ABCQ
Nov 25 Berehove UKR Cup of Moldovia ABC
Nov 26 Berehove UKR Golden Autumn Moldovia ABC
Dec 19-20 Orim ISR Hanukkah open ABC

Rubber for sale

I would like to sell 1, 10 lb. box of 1/8  July 2010 Tan SuperSport, and 1, 10 lb. box of 1/8 June 2009 Tan SuperSport, for $250 per 10lb. box.
I shall pay the shipping in the Continental USA.
Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roger Morrell