SEN 1637

Table of Contents - SEN 1637

  1. Seguin Simpson Cup Update
  2. Mylar Source ?
  3.  Airtek Product Update

Seguin Simpson Cup Update
Faust Parker 

Due to ongoing issues with the Tri-City access contract for the Seguin Auxillary Field for modeling activities we have changed the schedule for the Tri-City Annual Contest and the Simpson Cup (formerly the Autumn Cup). Both contests will be held concurrently May 19-20 and will be
called the Snyder/Simpson Cup. The contest flyer is available on the NFFS website Master Calander. The current contact expires at the end of May. Negotiations will continue with the Air Force and Homeland Security to reestablish modeler access to the site, hopefully in the near future.

Mylar Source ?


A few years back Bob Junk was using clear mylar from Dayton Plastics. They had 1/4 mil, 1/2 mil and 1mil. non adhesive clear. The company is in Dayton, OH at 2554 Needham rd, 800-762-7342. 

Airtek Product Update

I've just updated my website with several new things.  I have pictures and
details of the LED flasher I recently mentioned.  Also I have details of a
brand new radio tracking beacon transmitter that I now have available.  This
new design can be programmed for any frequency to be compatible with any
existing systems like the Walston system, VHF systems, my old airtek
systems, etc.  In addition I am offering a new very low cost option to setup
a transmitter to work in the 460MHz band on a "family radio service" channel
so that a common small FRS hand held radio can be used.  Since these are
available for as cheap as $20 to $40 it would be possible to have a tracking
system for that plus the cost of a single transmitter and battery.  Many
battery options are available including the common "Eflite Parkzone" RC LiPo
batteries that can be purchased for low cost.  I can now offer the stand
alone RDT system with a connector for this Eflite battery as well.


Finally I added some information on how to track and find lost models using
radio tracking systems.  Most of this is an article that I wrote back in
1992 but still applies to most systems today.  The website is here:


Thanks, Ken

Roger Morrell