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  1. Charging Encore
  2. No Fires Here

Charging Encore ...


Magic Modelsport was so very on target about the care and feeding of modern high performance LiPos. I heard from a flier who was using an
ancient on/off non balancing charger and was cutting off the balancing connectors on his batteries. He was having battery troubles and giving advice. As an electric flier you need to monitor your cells and charging profiles to watch for signs of something going amiss. It does not take a high priced charger to do this. One for $50 is adequate. You take good care of your wet fuel, so should you the batteries.

Timer Guy
(Hank Nystrom)

No Fires here ....

Hello All,
I have heard that some folks are concerned the fires burning in Colorado might have a negative impact on the up coming MMM 14 Rounder World Cup Contest.  Please be assured that this is not the case.
The fires currently burning in Colorado Springs are 75 miles away from our flying field.  The fires burning north and west of Ft. Collins are about the same distance from the flying field.
The impact of these fires will be limited to some smoke in the sky.  The effect will be about the same as the haze that is common in most of the USA's summer sky.
Colorado is very dry and we need to be very careful on the field.  However, we have no reason to believe that this contest will not be a great one.  We hope that somebody will join the élite Blue Jacket club by putting up 14 maxes in one of the major FAI events.
If you have not sent in your entry the deadline for receiving the free T-shirt is this weekend.  You can email me the entry form and use PayPal for your entry fee.

Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829


Roger Morrell