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  1. AZ Champs from Leeper
  2. Bauer RDT Rx found at Perris
  3.  Mike A on the finals
  4. SWR
AZ Champs:
 perfect Saturday!
With just about as good Dec Wx as Eloy ever delivered, Mike McKeever did win A2(akaF1A) with beaut 7 min FO.
He caught it at 8:31 in south field, actually.
Rene was 2nd, Joey Farmer 3rd.
Geo Batiuk & Chas Jones faced off in Wake(aka F1B) with Geo pipping Chas by 20 sec(approx) just before sundown with approx 330 sec.
The pit talk was that Mike McK likely wins Am Cup in A(there were 15 flyers), whist Bobby Hanford should have P wrapped up.
All pending official Parkerization with his magic weegee board.  Stay tuned...

Leeper The Scibe from Mot 6, Eloy, AZ

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Sunday dittos
Today was near carbon copy of Sat at Eloy, AZ Champs...except most entrants had gone home. Pity, as only three F1Gers & 2 F1Hers were inked onto the scoresheets. Tom Ioeger pipped Peter Brocks & Chas Jones. No full scores in G. I won H with maxout over Mike Keller. There was a durth AMA flyers, with the ever present Bob Hanford pulling all-niter round trip drives! Tim Batiuk flew CLG in the spotty lift conditions, forcing me to be patient to maxout for my second time win of the day. Quite pleased, as I go under the 'toe-cutter's knife' on Wed.



Bauer RDT Rx found


Hi Roger:  While flying at Perris today, I found a Bauer RDT receiver.  It is not the stand alone type.  It does not have the lead for a battery.  It is the type I use on my electric airplanes, that plug into the timer.  I thought it might belong to an FAI flyer and thought I would start by letting you know.
Any idea who this might belong too?  Any suggestions? 
Thanks a lot, Kevin Sherman


 Mike A on the Finals

Well, as always there are the usual options to the team finals.  And as always would like to see a multi format  scenario.
What everyone seems to miss is that there are fewer and fewer fliers. Interest fades between the long delay in trying to compete for a team spot and thus fewer participants. At current attrition rates it won't be long before the 3 that show up are on the team. And yet will still continue the same approach.  Since the fliers come out for the big meets  every year why not make them the multi finals as to team selection? 

No extra travel, no extra expense since they are already on your contest schedule. Say pick the Maxmen, Nats, Sierra Cup(Boulder City), Bill's contest Boulder City, and then finish at the MaxMen. Best 3 point totals is your team. By doing something like this you have the contests the most of the fliers attend anyway, so cost down and you get a continuation of flying for team program. No dead period of 2 years. We keep interest up and participation high. Make all of the contests with a banquet and allow the fliers a get together on regular basis to keep all motivated. They will all be big contests! Everyone likes that!
As for the costs hire someone like Hector Diaz to help  run the events. We are all a bunch of dinosaurs with limited time to gather at the watering holes with fewer and fewer meeting with each passing year, so why detour interest? Eliminate the Finals and change the team selection cycle to one that is more entertaining and pro active. 
Now, as to Boulder City, it is a great site and will cut down travel costs for almost all. And Marty S. found a web site with 13 bike, scooter rental places in greater LasVegas. So we have cheap travel, great site, low room and food costs and bike rentals for all. There is no downside here, but a lot of positives.

 Editorial Comment ... maybe it is more important to focus on encoraging or recruiting young people rather than organizing an event for a bunch of old white guys.





In 6 weeks we will have the 63rd Southwest Regionals in Eloy, AZ. I attach the FAI Entry Form. Please send in your entry including AMA 2013 license copy and check before January 1. For additional information see . Please note that Monday, Jan. 21 is a reserve day.
Unfortunately farming is now nearly all around us on our Eloy flying field. Some of these outside fields are firm but some are soft or even wet. What makes this worse is that we just found out that our relation with the farmer is not perfect. This means that we will have to move the flight line to accommodate for wind shifts to alleviate landing out of bounds. To retrieve your model from a "farmed" field you'll have to park your motorcycle at the cross-over and walk there. Motorcycle retrieval of models on our 1mile x .5mile field is no problem.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Eloy,



 63rd Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships:
The Randy Archer Invitational
January 19, 20, 21, 2013 at Eloy, AZ (Toltec Rd., 5 miles S. of I-10)
Proof of 2013 AMA membership is required. Entrants must display a current license, AMA or Contest Director Receipt or cancelled check, or pay for a license at the contest.
Circle your events:
Events for Saturday
Events for Sunday
Awards through 3rd place, plus perpetual awards for winners of F1A, F1B, F1C/F1P, F1G, F1H, F1J & F1Q. 
• F1A, F1B, F1C, F1G, F1H, F1J, F1Q & F1P are America’s Cup events.
• F1A, F1B, F1C/P & F1Q will be flown in 7 one-hour rounds beginning at 8:30AM. Fly-offs in 10 minute rounds after the 7th round for 5, 7, 9 min max flights. If necessary, a 10 min fly-off will be held Sunday morning. Sunday’s Mini events will start at 8:30 and have 5 one-hour rounds with 2 min maxes, followed by 3, 4, 5 min max fly-offs.
* F1P will be combined with F1C.There will be special certificate awards for Juniors. 
To avoid the early Saturday rush to enter the contest, please pre-enter by mail beforeJanuary 1, 2013. Send check or m.o. payable to 'Southwest Regionals', plus a copy of your 2013 AMA license and this filled-out page so we'll know what you're entering. Late entries after Jan. 1 will be charged an additional $5.00
              Mail entry form to:     Peter Brocks, 9031 E Paradise Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6888    
Need more information:                  >480-614-6183<           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pre-registration Entry Fees:
For Officials use:
$2.00 per event for Juniors 
AMA License Number
$20.00 for first event, Seniors & Open
License Check
$10.00 for each additional Senior or  Open event entry
Flight Cards made
AMA license New/Renew/Late Entry
Fees Paid
Fees for additional events after initial entry
PLEASE PRINT:  NAME: ______________________________________________AMA#:___________________
ADDRESS: _________________________________________ E-MAIL:__________________________________
CITY: __________________________ STATE: _____ ZIP: __________ PHONE:______-________-___________



Roger Morrell