SEN 1723

SEN 1723 - Table of Contents

  1. Sal Taibi
  2. Allard's Secrets
  3. Motel 6 Discount
  4.  Mike on the Finals - II

Sal Taibi

a number of SEN subscribers have reported the passing of Sal Taibi.  Sal was one of the greats of Free Flight, the creator of many classic designs.  He started out on the East Coast of the USA as a founding member of the Brooklyn Skyscrapers and later moved to the West Coast living in the Los Angeles area.  For many years he was a supplier of balsa wood,   He was a designer, builder, flyer and competitor but most importantly a mentor and friend to many people. 

Kevin Sherman of the SCAMPS club has put up some Sal Taibi pictures on the SCAMPS Facebook page and people have been writing nice comments.

Allard's Secrets

From FB and picture of Allard Van Wallene's Workshop showing the making of a pre-preg for a new LDA F1A

Tony Mathews So you made your own prepreg using rovings?  
Allard van Wallene   yep
Bram Van de Kerkhof  Why would you do this?
Allard van Wallene  To make ultra stiff taibooms
Richard Ulderink looks great 
Cenny Breeman And at what price do you come per boom?
Allard van Wallene  Priceless....
Alexandre Cruz Allard, can you give more details about this fiber? How is it made?
Allard van Wallene Just enter M60J and Toray in Google

So what's Allard secret, the high modulus carbon he uses ? or the fact he likes this high tech stuff, being one step ahead  and doing his own thing?

Motel 6 discount for SW Regionals

 Hi Roger, this is for SEN, thank you,  Peter

Good news for Southwest Regionals attendees in January!

Identify yourselves at the front desk as being part of the SWR contests.  The rate
is  $ 32.39 per room regardless of the number of people staying. 

The address is 4965 S. Sunland Gin Rd., Eloy, AZ -  Phone no. is:   1-520-836-3323.   

Mike on the Finals -II

It is more about creating a continued interest in the team selection, rather than picking these particular contests. They happen to be the most participated in from the group that goes to the Finals each cycle. It is also a fairer way to pick a team. Example; Brian VanNess has a health condition which may or may not have kept him off the team. The second day at Finals he had a serious condition that made it unable to continue. If it was just one of 5 or 6 contests he could have continued his quest to make the team at the next event. Now, he has to wait 2 more years just to try. With multi contests there is no 2 year dead cycle and interest from one contest and or failure is momentary and you have to learn from mistake and get ready for next venue. Its as simple as that!!
It is not meant to create any disrespect to any of the other contests by any means. By choosing those that are highly participated in by most, if not all the Finals contestants, it merely offers the opportunity to eliminate the Finals and thus save money. The cost saving of not running the Finals is huge. It cost about $3500.00 to do this one event.  
This format is a proactive approach to waining interest. Just look at the Americas Cup and the participation rate at these contests verses non AM Cup events, These contests or which ever are picked would have very high participation rates and that will keep interest high thru out the year. People can say the cost too high, but the fact is they all go to these contests anyway, so that is a mute argument. And you don't have to attend all of them anyway. Wish there was more interest and more fliers posted their opinions on this.
Thermals, Michael
Have a Great Holiday Season to all!!!

Roger Morrell