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  1. AMA Expo
  2. Palm TRGs for sale
  3. Seen at Eloy and on FB
  4. Eloy/SWR Flash


Regarding the comments on the AMA Expo. The commentator mentioned there was NO Free Flight booth.... NOT SO.  SAM had a great booth with several rubber and power Free Flight models on display. This booth was manned by the SCAMPS Club and Black Sheep members during the entire event. They had lot's of action. ..selling out almost all of their books and rules manuals and answering many questions from the attendees.
Also, one of the largest "live" displays was the fantastic BLACK SHEEP Squadron's build and fly  Free Flight display which featured mass launches for kids all day long.  It would be nice to have an additional Free Flight booth next year. In fact, let's hear about that plan.
Roger Willis... AVP , AMA District X

Palm TRG Pilots for sale

I have  a Palm TRG Pilots for sale. The Palm pilot is ideal for use Black Magic Timers.  The Palm Pilot for sale is a  TRG Pros which are Palm 3x but with the added benefit of an external compact flash storage and backup facility.  The device is used and working order.

The bundle each consists of:

    1xPalm Pilot TRG Pro

    1x16MB compact flash loaded with Super Magic Software

    1xPalm Hot Sync docking Cradle

    1xCD containing TRG/Palm III software and BMT Super Magic software

    Belkin NiCad battery installed into Palm Pilot

    Belkin 12v battery Charger (Plugs into car cigarette socket) This allows the user to charge on field without need to change batteries.
    Data lead from Palm to BMT timer (3 mm connector)

Price $60  postage cost  be arranged separately.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seen at Eloy and on Facebook

Alex had his new f1B model box at Eloy and a photo can be seen at this link. A novel feature with the box is the zippered fabric pouches in the lid used for safely holding 6 props and 6 motor tubes. Below is the ensuing FB discussion.

Pablo Alignani  nice box!

Charlie Jones

Ah this is the new box Alex was describing. Very nice.

Tony Mathews What are the bags on the right side for?

Charlie Jones If you look closely the bags at the bottom of the picture hold FE with blades, and the bags at the top hold the motor tubes.

Tony Mathews Oh, I see. But why bags?
And are the bags available for sale? ;-)

Charlie Jones As I understand it this was a new travel box design by Oleg. I guess they wanted better protection for traveling. Not sure about being available for sale.

Roger Morrell The photo is of Alex's new box. It is a pelican-storm case with custom bags in the lid. The small bags have a prop and the bigger 2 fuselages. The rest of the box has the booms and wings. The bags with Zippers are a clever idea. I'm sure Al...ex or Oleg would be happy to sell you one

Tony Mathews Interesting...
I'll have to take a look see at Lost Hills this Feb.

Tony Mathews  Think it might be this one?

Charlie Jones could be.. I have two of the smaller ones that we used to use before going to the longer wings. They are very strong, durable and heavy. The hardest part is modifying them inside to properly secure the model parts. Looks like Oleg and Alex have come up with one way.

Tony Mathews Do you bond the dividers to the bottom and sides of the box?
Currently, I have a wooden box that fits into a larger, plastic golf case. So it's a box within a box!

Charlie Jones Tony, actually I did the same you did, a box in a box with these cases. Currently i have model boxes I either carry on the plane or if needed I put in heavy nylon golf bag.

Gaetano Vaccaro looks like the dimensions of the Pellican boxes are over the 62" allowed by airlines

Roger Morrell The box Alex uses is the 3100 model that has an inside dimension of 36 inches. The SKB rail case I use is similar and between the storm case 3100 and 3200 in length and slightly cheaper. The airline allows it , it's just money, but that's why people put them inside a golf bag, a technique that does not always work. When i went tot he ESFFC I flew Virgin America who were genrous on weight and size, but it was $25 a bag.

Chris Edge Very cute. How many different colo(u)r bags are available or can you give the AA gang a RAL code and thay do an exact match ?


Roger Morrell Chris, I'm sure they can do other colors but you would probably need to supply the fabric if you wanted it in Edge Clan Tartan

Eloy SWR Flash

F1A - FO to 7 mins
Mike McKeever
Ken Bauer
Enos Penkovic

F1B - FO to 7 Mins
George Batiuk
Roger Morrell
Blake Jensen

Lynn Pulley
Faust Parker

John Oldencamp
Bernie Crowe
Julie Parker

Roger Morrell