SEN 1492

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  1. F1C Parts for sales
  2. Eloy Flash Updates
  3. Feb reminder

New Babenko graphite front end, READY TO FLY        $575
   (Includes pan and cowling, timer, tailboom coupler,
   all timer arms, thumb switch, RDT servo mounted)
New Babenko graphite tailboom                                    $75
New Babenko stabilizer                                              $120  
Roger Simpson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Telephone 1-817-599-3088
Delivery at Lost Hills in February.    
Eloy Updates

LeeperCub reporter filing this blurb, extra input from Tiffaney O'Dell and Peter Brocks
On Sunday at Eloy, Caley Hand won Coupe[F1G] Flyoff - followed by Tiffaney O'Dell and Blake Jensen,

The Prez, James A Parker pipped me   in A1[F1H] Flyoff,

Faust Parker won F1J,

Ken Bauer won Cat Glider with the only string of three maxes.
On Monday, most had gone home, but conditions were very similar to the prior days.
It seemed warmer, even possibly up to 80F, but the lift seemed just as sparce
until noon or even 1PM. 
So with closing time set at 2PM, it provided little time to spare to make max flights
in OHLG.  Tim Batiuk got a good one, then another as I got going about 1PM. 
The time was really short, but Tim got 6 nice maxes to win. My 3 maxes was good
for 2nd pl, which I felt was predictable going into the game.  He was truly switched
on and flying well on a tough day to max smaller birds like OHLGs.
Other stuff happened, which other Cub reporters will need to step up to the rostrum
& be heard from.
The toe-challenged Leeper

Also we got F1C/P wrong it should have been

Faust Parker
Lynn Pulley
Glen Schneider

and I misspelt the third place getter in F1A it should have been

Enes Pecenkovic, a local flyer from the Phoenix area.

Geart to see new names in Caley and Enes on the podium.

Feb reminder

if you are flying in either of the 2 Lost Hills World Cup Contests pre-entry is required so don't forget.

Roger Morrell