SEN 1511

Table of Contents - SEN 1511

  1. Bear Flash
  2. Scat Annual Addition E36
  3. Lost Hills space for sale
  4. Memory lane - Leeper to Martin
  5. Squatter sqwarks
  6. Corrections Deja Vu
  7. Saved by Woodhouse
  8. DIY
  9. Florida Tech
  10. Pan Am Open

Bear Flash

more later - FO times shown

    Kosonozhkin Mikhail RUS 0:05:00 0:06:47

    Findahl Per SWE 0:05:00 0:06:07

    Nielsen Leif     DEN 0:05:00 0:05:54
    Ghio Walt     USA  0:05:00     0:06:24    
    Luman Tõnu     EST  0:05:00     0:06:18    
    Woolner Mike      GBR 0:05:00     0:06:10    

    Drozdov Alexander  RUS     0:01:26        
    Roots Jüri      EST       0:00:00        

    Tiho Vahur     EST

    Salminen Heikki FIN      0:05:00        
    Lihtamo Matti     FIN       0:04:24        

    Kilpeläinen Ossi     FIN 

SCAT Annual Addition - E36

By popular request and following the eloquent plea presented by SCAT's F1Qster Bernie ...

E36 will be flown at the SCAT Annual on Saturday.

For Sale- Lost Hills space

Secure motorcycle storage located near the Lost Hills flying site, large space 2'6" x 6'6" with shelf above.

One time buy in of $500. Contact Brian VanNest 760-873-5073 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Memory lane

Leeper to Martin

Hello Martin,
I don't 'savvy' the following comment you wrote in SEN 1510:
"Save WC (1969?)"
I checked WChamps archive website, and Weiner Neustadt, Austria was site
of '69 WChamps.
Please clarify.
I do agree that '69 was the first year of Lepp's breakthrough usage of circle &
zoom towhook, as well as your note on earlier than other stated use of E-timers.
I also used Bauer DT E-timers starting in 1982 & knew of earlier users.
You may be interested to note, the very first winner[1950] of The Swedish Cup,
Stjepan Bernfest, opened the 2009 World Champs. He is Croatian and I am
humbled to say it was my very great pleasure to be able to meet & speak with him.
Please, I do hope you keep updating A2/F1A historical developments.

Squatter Sqwarks

Squatter weighs in:
OK, gotta toot my own horn just ONCE!  I was flying the first operational electronic bunter (with ballistic cruise) in 1993 with a sequential 555 RC timer that Kenny Bauer built to Jim Parker's and my specs.  Stayed in the box for the '93 WC, but did set the AMA A2 record in 1994, which stood till Mike McKeever's masterful 2009 performance.

Tom Coussens

corrections deja vu.
WCh in Save Sweden: 1971, my first international as helper..... hot, camping on the airfield, swimming in the sea and flying on the runway in the morning at 5.00 a.m. Dutch F1A team with Antoon van Eldik (jr !), Arthur Leeuwang and Ton van Dijk (father of Maarten van Dijk)....
Ron Kreetz 

Saved by Woodhouse

Save was 1971. Yes the Soviets had inertia circle hooks.

Michael Woodhouse
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you're seriously thinking about limiting the performace and making them affordable and easily DIY projects, limiting the wingspans would be a good move. I suggested this back in the '80's. I recall that my suggested spans were 2 meters for F1A, 1.5 meters for F1B and something like 1.7 meters for F1C. It would make CF a luxury, instead of a necessity. It would give some sort of a chance to modelers from anywhere, to compete in WC's. Wouldn't that be cool?   O'Bat 

Florida Tech

For what its worth in this discussion on F1A and technology. I flew my prototype electronic DT timer/transmitter combo at the 1985 World Champs in Yugoslavia.  I sold 100's of the combo and DT timer by itself around the world till the mid '90's.  
I also sold 100's of my circle towhooks starting at the 1983 World Champs in Australia.  Starting around 1980 I also offered carbon fiber tailboom, probably the first non Russian source.  I also sold a lot of carbon fiber sheet because back then you had to build your own models.  I made my own carbon fiber "D" box skins but sold very few of them as I didn't switch over till the early '90 and by then the latest thing was to buy the Russian, M&K, "D" box assembly with a carbon fiber reinforced spares already build.
Jim Bradley

Pan American Open - Final Notes and Scheduling Discussion:

On behalf of the organizers, we wanted to thank everyone for their participation at this year's Pan American Open, and for sharing their wonderful photos with us afterwards. 

Given the difficult weather experienced this year, and as a topic for discussion, does anyone know if there is any reason why the three contest (Isaacson, MaxMen, and by extension the Pan American) are held when they are in the middle of February, and not some later time - perhaps early March - when the weather (on average) is likely to be substantially improved?

Chris Lenartowicz
F1A, Canada


Editorial Comment - Chris, later weekends are already committed in both the International calendar, with the  Ice events and the SCAT Annual etc at Lost Hills. The MaxMen is held on the US President's day public holiday and that is important for the participation of young people at school or university and some people who actually have to work.  With some 20-20 hindsight on the Fab Feb weekend you could have made better use of the time for Pan Am by resuming flying later in the day.  the Ike/Zeri had absolutely perfect weather and most other days eventhough there was often a bad patch early afternoon it did get better later in the day. There is not guarantee that moving it later will bet better, for example while last weekend at Lost Hills was just like the Ike, this weekend in California has rain and wind.

Roger Morrell