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we had to resend because the Matfors results as stolen from the mators web site were too beautiful for the way we send things out ..

  1. Correct Vu on Deja plus geezer suggestions
  2. 62 and Inter City
  3. Frozen Feb part 2

Corrections to a response to "Innovations or just another Déjà Vu"


> Mid seventies: introduction of circle towing
...1965 for first attempts, 1969 for the Lepp hook

> End seventies – beginning eighties: - introduction of zoom launching
....unless I'm much mistaken Andres Lepp was zooming them off once his
hook was perfected.

> Eighties and early nineties structural changes:  higher zoom launches
> particiat
..... errm, M&K had carbon wings in 1988

> Mid-end nineties: introduction of bunt launching
.... and Viktor Tchop was bunting in 1989

> Start-mid 2010:  introduction of electronics
..... Nope! Try 1977 and ask either Ken Bauer or Tom Koster if you don't
believe me, but I was using both Bauer and Koster single function
electronic timers in Australia and California in 1983 and remember
seeing Ken's servo hook at the 1998 Maxmen.

See for what
is as near as I can piece together the full history of F1A development
up to 2004. LDS isn't yet covered and will be in due course.

That page contains to more details and attributions for every
significant development between 1965 and 2004. If you can provide more
documentation for the rest and/or add more detail to the more fully
documented developments I'll be pleased to hear from you.

And a suggestion:
Since F1A is and always has been performance limited, its scarcely
spoiling the spirit of the class to limit it some more in order to
better fit contests to the smaller fields we're having to use and to
help preserve the rest of them. If the resulting models are once again
within the construction capability of the average model flyer and less
expensive than the current crop of factory models, so much the better.

Accordingly, a modest proposal:

1 Keep the current F1A area, weight and towline length.

2 Circle tow hooks are permitted because this makes towing much
easier for both geezers and younger, unfit sportsmen in calm
conditions and because good hooks are available at reasonable prices.

3 No variable camber, controlled wing warping, movable control
surfaces or folding wings are permitted.

4 All surfaces must be fixed at a constant incidence and washin/washout
from launch until the end of the timed flight with two exceptions:
a D/t by timer and/or radio is permitted.
b Auto-rudder is permitted.

5 Controlled CG shift during flight is not permitted.

6 There is no limitation on structures, materials or wing sections.

7 No limitation is placed in timer operating principles. Mechanical
and electronic are both permitted. Single function electronic timers
prevent model loss after a line break or letting go of the end of the
line and get cheaper each year.

plus a further update ..

The Lepp hook was in use at the Save WC (1969?) - I remember Lagan's
slide show at a WMAC meeting after he's got back and that one shot was
of Lepp's engineering drawing of it. I think you'd have still been in NZ
for that.

OTOH the first mass use of circle and zoom launch was in 1975 at the
Bulgarian WC. It was the 'must-have' technology at that event. I think
everybody had at least one model with it in their box though most,
including myself, couldn't really use them well.


62nd Annual Inter-City Free Flight

The Detroit Balsa Bugs are hosting the 62nd Annual Inter-City Free Flight
Meet in Muncie, Indiana on May 28-29, 2011. This is both an America's Cup
and National Cup contest. If you'd like a flyer, please email me at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hope you can make it!

Bill Shailor

Frozen Feb Part 2 AKA   Matfors Worlds Cup

Results - Matfors VTI 2011




  Name ClubClassStartFlyoffTotal
1 Per Findahl Norbergs FKF1A210180180180180 385  1315 
2 Kosma Huber PolandF1A210180180180180 285  1215 
3 Oskar Findahl Norbergs FKF1A210180180180180 282  1212 
4 Henrik Westén SwedenF1A210180180180180 278  1208 
5 Kim Henriksson FinlandF1A210180180180180 271  1201 
6 Mikhail Kosonozkhin RussiaF1A210180180180180 263  1193 
7 Kimmo Valkonen FinlandF1A210180180180180 258  1188 
8 Daniel Åsberg SwedenF1A210180180180180 245  1175 
9 Jari Valo FinlandF1A210180180180180 239  1169 
10 Mikael Holmbom Matfors MFKF1A210180180180180 229  1159 
11 Lauri Malila SwitzerlandF1A210180180110180    860 
12 Ossi Kilpelainen FinlandF1A18931160180180    740 
13 Anrijs Plume LatviaF1A7577      152 
< td width="120" style="border-right: 1px solid #000000">Matfors MFK


  Name ClubClassStartFlyoffTotal
1 Yrjö Waltonen FinlandF1B240180180180180 313  1273 
2 Walt Ghio USAF1B240180180180180 296  1256 
3 Bror Eimar Norbergs FKF1B240180180180180 259  1219 
4 Tõnu Luman EstoniaF1B240180180180180 233  1193 
5 Ole Torgersen NorwayF1B240180180180180 215  1175 
6 Ari Kutvonen FinlandF1B240180180180180 164  1124 
7 Viktors Rosonoks LatviaF1B240180180180170    950 
8 Vegar Nereng NorwayF1B240180161180180    941 
9 Gunnar Wivardsson Matfors MFKF1B220180180180180    940 
10 Håkan Broberg Gagnef FKF1B236180180160180    936 
11 Michael Dahlin F1B197180180180180    917 
12 Nils-Erik Hollander Karlstads MFKF1B202180180155180    897 
13 Dag Larsen NorwayF1B180180180156180    876 
14 Juhani Isotalo FinlandF1B207180178180123    868 
15 Jurijs Ancans LatviaF1B172120180169180    821 
16 Markku Kiiskinen FinlandF1B152180150180151    813 
17 Hans Eklund SwedenF1B74174180120    548 


  Name ClubClassStartFlyoffTotal
1 Juri Roots EstoniaF1C 87      8

Roger Morrell