SEN 1520

Table of Contents - SEN 1520

  1. FAI Web Site
  2. FAI-CIAM_F1Q info
  3. F1C 4 sale
  4. Eurpoa Cup
  5. Leeper muses
  6. SanValeers Annual

FAI Web Site

For those trying to get to the FAI web site - it appears that had a major IT melt down but is should be fixed by about now.


Hello Roger,
for our CIAM F1Q-proposals/Technical Meeting in Lausanne I have prepared some "F1Q Limiter demo-videoclips". Please publish them in the SCAT News: "F1Q-Limiter in use"

and "F1Q-Limiter checking during a contest."

I hope, we will find a good decission for the long life future of F1Q

Paul Seren

F1C For Sale

Hi friends.

I want to sell three models ready to fly and engines and props.


At Flaper Verbitsky VE model can be for gear or direct drive (There are two types of pan).

And two Nelson Hummer F1C planes wiith Nelson HUMMER engines RTF.

To answer any questions and send photos.

If someone wants to buy, I can send immediately after payment through Paypal or methods available to you.

Each model is packed separately, see photo.

Plan to be in Argentina in the championship from April 28 to May 8.

Bring in Argentina is possible, but after payment.


1) New F1C VE model for gear VE or FORA / Derect drive VE or FORA - $2000 withaut engine + shipping

2) F1C model with Nelson HAMMER gear Two blade $ 1100 + shipping world wide!!!!!

3) F1C model with Nelson HAMMER gear Four blade $ 1200 + shipping world wide!!!!!


Shipping to USA and Canada Free

Price can be discussed. Can sell separate motors and models.


All F1C plane with Nelson HAMMER models in adjusted and ready to fly on these new motors from Doug G. are installed and the total time their work is less than 3 competitions look new. Timer from Babetnko. These models are constructed using the same technology as the model VERBITSKY.

I also have separately 4 bladed gear propeller for the engine F1C Cyclone Top15 for $ 375.

Also there is a engine Verbitsky BE F1C with three blade propeller for $ 950.

All with shipping


If you plan to be in the Cordoba Argentina 2011 World championship, will be provided with any advice.



F1C Canada

To offers and answer any questions and send photos.

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


August, 18th- 22nd 2011, EUROPA COUPE REVIVAL + 2 World-CUP , IKARUS CUP and DÄDALUS CUP of Switzerland
Internetsite  now available

Dear freeflight friends around the globe,

the Contest Information including the onlien registration for our great Ilbesheimer contest series  on August, 18th - 22nd  2011 is now available on

Preliminary Time schedule
Thursday, August, 18th 2011     Arrival and Training of competitors and helpers
                                                     18:00 - 21:00Registration and receiving of contest info’s
                                                     20:00Opening of the event and Welcome of Competitors
Friday, August, 19th 2011           09:00begin of World Cup - Contest30. IKARUS CUP, F1A+ F1B, 5 rounds 17:00 - 19:00Registration and receiving of contest info’s on flying site
Saturday, August, 20th 2011      05:45 - 08:00 SUNRISE - Contest 5 rounds, depending on weather
                                                     10:00begin of EUROPA COUPE REVIVALand
                                                     Class F1Q of World Cup Contest30. IKARUS CUP, 5 rounds
                                                     20:30Banquet and Awards Ceremony for the completed contests
Sunday, August, 21th 2011         08:00Begin of 1. DÄDALUS CUP of Switzerland, 5 rounds World CUP - Contest F1A, F1B und F1Q and international contest F1G und F1H
Monday, August, 22th 2011       Reserve day and departure
Info for all 3 Contests: - the exact time schedule will be published around 1 month before the contest dependent on the number of applications and volunteer timekeepers - It is planned to fly the different classes rotational per round, so that it is enough time for retrieving models and to allow competitors to act as 2nd timekeepers

Overview of flown classes

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact the Contest Director: Ansgar Nüttgens, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Leeper muses on the SCAT Annual

Hi, Home now.
Real good Wx, after the storm/freeze/snow on west range came on Fri about 6pm.
The field itself got NO rain, just some drips from the very edges of the cold flurries, which were mostly
well south or at valley edges, lets say.
It was bizarre to see SNOW, in APRIL[!] on western range slope!!! It stayed til after 11am Sat.
Sat at 7am at field there was frost on bikes, cars etc that was out overnite, but by 9am it was warming.
Since no one could feel their fingers til after 8am, we started at 8:30am, finishing signins as round 1
opened with flying at a sludge-like speed.
From all evidence I could acquire, current gas prices and economy in gen, prior commitments,
plus the rescheduling, kept a lot of normal entrants from making the trip.

For the stalwarts who flew there were abundant, boiling thermals, sucking most anything you threw
on a 1000fpm ascending, galloping wild bronco ride for the cloud above!
Eddie Carroll won clean in F1C and Vint FAI Gas, Alex A JUST beat Blake J
in F1B by 3 sec going for the 9 minute FO.
F1A stretched into a 7:30am Sun FO, with Jim Parker winning, using his new M&K Flapper against
Hecto Diez's standard M&K Long.
Taron Malkhasyan had s newish 34" Tip launch glider which went so well he beat the rest[2 of us]
with 6 maxes. I got 3 then missed for 2nd.
Sunday was nearly a warmish carbon copy, with fewer stump-sucking thermals...mostly smoother lift.
Ryan Jones won Coupe clean.
 I had some time in afternoon when my backup came to assist at recording table, so I was able to
max out in CLG, then DTed 4sec short! Enough for win, as new guy Paul Moore
had a lower 4th.
In F1H there were two maxout gents doing the FO battles; Norm Smith and Brain Van Nest.
We had the prizegiving at 4:15pm, then the two H guys did their battle for final placings at 5 pm.
Still very nice air and mild drift, Norm pipped Brian by a few seconds, for a well deserved victory.
It is not often someone beats Brian in towline FOs, so Norm is one happy camper in his new trailer!
Their were at least two planes out there, waiting for the search crews to locate them in the high,
ripening sticker weeds.
Gator leggings are a good idea for leg wear in near future, til the sheep can clear-cut the acreage! 

San Valeers Annual

Looks like last weekend's good weather is continuing so .....


APRIL 16th & 17th, 2011 - LOST HILLS, CA.


CANNON BALL RUN Saturday 6:30 TO 8:00 AM

RULES: Any gas model. 7 second engine run. Time to the ground. Total of 2 best flights wins!!! $3.00 entry for unlimited number of flights.



1/2A GAS A GAS P-30 & HL Glider

B GAS D GAS Catapult Glider

C GAS ABC Nostalgia** Nost Rubber/Wake combo 1/2A Nostalgia** (all flights same day

1/4A GAS(15sec VTO,12sec HL) 1/4Aflyoff Sun(7:30-7:45am) for each entry)

SLOW GAS* (9 Sec all flights) (Slow gas flyoff Sat at 5:30 PM)


SATURDAY 9 AM TO 4 PM (7 rounds)

1st Round at 9am, F1A 210 secs, F1B & F1C 240 secs. Flyoff begins at 4:15pm


SATURDAY 8:00 am-1:00pm (5 rounds) All flights 180 secs flyoff begins at1:00pm


RULES: Any gas free flight airplane. 15 second VTO, 12 second H.L. Highest single flight time (no max) Starts Sunday at sunrise with 1 hr window (start time announced). Entry fee ($1.00 per flight)

PERPETUAL AWARDSponsored by Ralph Prey

A perpetual award for the highest time in any AMA Gas event with an original design flown by the designer of the model. (Previous winning design, not eligible)

*SLOW GAS RULES: No Builder of the model rule, no auto surfaces, single bypass stock engines only (except TD’s .049&.051), 15% Nitro max,3 maxes & 1 flyoff to the ground. 9sec motor runs all flights(including flyoffs)

**NOSTALGIAper latest rulebook except motor runs which shall be 10 sec HL, 13 sec VTO for 1st 3 flights, 7 & 9 secs on all flyoff flights. Classes scored separately for National cup but awards given for 1/2A Nostalgia and ABC Nostalgia combined.

BOM RULEenforced on AMA and Nostalgia events except as noted above.


MERCHANDISE AWARDS (engines, kits, fuel, wood, $$$, etc)

****AIRTEK RADIO DT RDT RAFFLE (must be present to win)****

CD: Ted Hidinger (602) 316-4430 CO-CD: Terry Kerger (626) 281-9731

1ST event: $10.00, Additional events: $5.00 per event, JRS FREE


Roger Morrell