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Table of Contents - SEN 1565

  1. AM Cup Updates
  2. BVN trip Report
  3. Leeper Flash
  4. Model box - Fore
  5. Model Box - Black is slimming
  6.  Tangent Classic
  7.  NW FAI Challenge

  NFFS Master Contest Calendar Update and 2012 AmCup Contests


Alan Peterson will soon make the following changes to the NFFS Master Calendar per my request.
Add  Am Cup (AC) on the NFFs calendar for the GREAT GRAPE GATHERING contest on Sept 17th and 18th. This replaces the Empire State FF champs in NY per John Clapp's request and recommendation.
 AmCup (AC) when be removed from the USFFChamps, Sept 23 and 25. Sorry I did not catch this before.  The USFFC flyer  attached to the Master Calender  is correct, ie  there is no reference to an AmCup sanction.


Last year USFFC was combined with Big Als  (flown on the same weekend, USFFC did not have FAI events on their  AMA sanction) which had the official AmCup sanction and so many  erroneously associated AmCup with the USFFC.  Big Al moved later in the fall, unfortunately leaving USSFC without an AmCup sanction this year. SCAT has worked with the organizers of the USFFS thru the years but we have capped the number of AmCup sanctions in total to 30-31 (depending on Muncie availability). Lost Hills has 5 Am Cup contests, more than any other site. The goal is to kept the contest has geographically disperse as possible  to be consistent with the AmCup goal to strengthen FAI FF competitions across North America.
We now have to face to the reality of less fields, declining entrants and in some cases less organizer/CDs/clubs willing to hold FF contest. SCAT evaluates and adjusts as needed. For the 2012 season, the baseline start is to use the same contests as 2011. Current AmCup contest CDs and clubs, please inform me of any changes for the 2012 season.
Thermals, JIM
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Thermals, JIM

Brian Van Nest Trip report - part 1

Part one in my European tour with first stop Ilbesheim Germany. This was a great contest

With a few little extras . Ilbesheim was one hour from Frankfurt airport and was a very small village. The local football club had lunch, drinks, and snacks on the field. They also had a building at the edge of field where we could gather after flying and provided food and drinks and great beer at a very low cost. Some of the flying conditions were at times challenging but the contest director Ansgar Nuttgens made decisions to favor the competitors  the best it could be . The first contest Jkarus Cup was windy all day but with only 5 rounds it wasn't so bad getting plenty of exercise walking after our models

1 M Kozhnozkin rus
2 R Limberger    Ger
3 D Halbmeier.  Ger
11 in fly off

Sunday was no wind but had 4 hours delay for rain .The flyoff in f1a there were 30 and 22 in f1b. It was done with one 7 min flight.

1 A van Wallene
2 R Kogot
3 M Kozhnozkin
Next stop Eifelpokal

Brian Van Nest Bishop, Ca USA

Leeper Flash

Hi all, I am on I-5S after tanking up at Lost Hills where a traffic signal has been installed at Love's&Carl'sJr xing.

About 100 dry degrees, so I did Mot6 reserves for OTT OCT events, hoping it will be cooler then. The trip has been p

acked with fun, friends(both old & new), my kin, picnics, hikes, 2 ferry rides, great scenery, 5 FF events, etc, all crammed into 7 weeks & near 8K miles on trusty Element.

 So now a quick turnaround & am off to RMC/Denver Next Wednesday! Somebody has got to do!

Ciao, Leeper

Airline box wisdom?

Fore !!

Roger On my trip to Germany they said golf clubs were free Since my model box fits in golf bag I threw in 2 golf clubs on the first flight it worked Will let you know more after the next 3 flights



Black is slimming for model boxes too

I have faced the same problem with oversize model boxes but have had success in the last couple years disguising the length by painting the last 6 inches of each end with flat black paint. Be very nonchalant. If they pull out a tape-measure, chances are you are dead but this improves your odds.         



Tangent Classic


Another Tangent Classic is complete with wonderful weather and a great field provided by the farmers of the Willamette valley and arranged by Glenn Grell. Without these nice people our contest would not exist so thank you all very much. Because of Glen's help we were able to have our flight line quite a bit farther north so with the northerly breeze our models were landing on the primary field with three minute maxes through the first five rounds. At that point the breeze had increased so we shortened the last two rounds to two minutes to stay out of the plowed field to the south. As is typical at this site, thermals were difficult to find and in the later rounds were huge so the models took a long time after DT to reach the ground. We had max outs in all three classes but only one each in F1 A&C and two in B for our only morning fly off.

Mike McKeever maxed out to win F1 A and the Wayne Drake trophy but had a couple of interesting tows near the power lines that added excitement. Mike was followed by some nice flying from Norm Smith for second and Don Zink for third.

F1 B had Jack Emery and Rich Rohrke up early on Saturday to settle their fly off. Rich came out on top with a four and one half minute flight with Jack second and Blake Jensen third with only a five second drop during the rounds.

Ron McBurnett maxed out to win F1 C with Mike Roberts damaging his plane in round four with a malfunctioning stab on DT. Glenn Schneider was our only F1 P flyer and also flew in Vintage FAI.

After the F1 B flyoff we started the mini portion of the contest with both the Tangent Classic and NW FAI Challenge flying in one & 1/2 hour rounds. The only mini max out was Blake Jensen followed by Tiffany O'Dell and Bill Booth. F1 H was again the domain of Mike McKeever, with Norm Smith just 5 seconds back, then Lee Hines.

It was great to see Norm Beattie flying with us again as well as John Buskel down from BC and all the way from Holland, Pim and Petra Ruyter. Here are the numbers:

1. Mike McKeever 1140
2. Norm Smith 1110
3. Don Zink 1089
4. Lee Hines 1024

5. Pierre Brun 1011

1. Rich Rohrke
2. Jack Emery 1360
3. Blake Jensen 1135
4. Bill Booth 973
5. Norm Beattie 540


1. Ron McBurnett 1140
2. Mike Roberts 675

1. Glenn Schneider 360

F1 G

1. Blake Jensen 600
2. Tiffany O'Dell 579
3. Bill Booth 566
4. Jack Emery 552

1. Mike McKeever 580
2. Norm Smith 575
3. Lee Hines 309

Thanks to all that enjoyed flying in beautiful Oregon
Mike & Ron



Well 2011 NW FAI Challenge has come and gone. The entry this year was very low with a total of 12 entries between all the classes.


The weather was excellent, the wind was never over 10mph, and temperatures were in the mid 80’s. The field was in excellent condition, no obstacles, but tricky for picking the air (as the scores show). Only 2 F1B maxed out for the only fly off at Lost Hills in October on Friday prior to the Livotto contest.


We had a great time sorry you missed it. Maybe we will have a better turn out next year, if not ?????

Respectfully submitted

Pierre Brun



F1A round round round round round round round 7 TOTAL
1 ZINK, DON 180 150 180 180 180 180 180 1230
2 MCKEEVER, MI 180 180 180 104 180 180 180 1184
3 BRUN, PIERRE 131 180 180 180 85 180 53 989
4 SMITH, NORM 180 164 180 180 85 0 125 914

F1B round round round round round round round 7 TOTAL
BOOTH, BILL 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
RUYTER, PIM 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
3 BEATTIE, NOR 180 180 180 180 180 180 165 1245
4 JENSEN, BLAK 180 180 133 180 180 180 180 1213
5 EMERY, JACK 180 150 180 155 180 180 180 1205

F1C round round round round round round round 7 TOTAL
1 MCBURNETT, R 180 180 180 180 180 180 180

F1P round round round round round round round 7 TOTAL
1 SCHNEIDER, G 180 180 180 DNF DNF DNF DNF 540

F1G round round round round round TOTAL
1 O'DELL, TIFF 120 120 120 120 120 600 247 847
2 JENSEN, BLAK 120 120 120 120 120 600 242 842
3 BOOTH, BILL 120 120 115 120 120 595

F1H round round round round round TOTAL
1 MCKEEVER, MI 120 120 120 120 120 600 269 869
2 SMITH, NORM 120 120 120 120 120 600 185 785
3 HINES, LEE 120 120 103 DNF DNF 343

Roger Morrell