SEN 1574

Table of Contents - SEN 1574

  1. The San Valeers do Nos
  2. Hummer Pans
  3. Looking for Indoor Rubber Stripper
  4. Looking for Dave Burley
  5. Reporting from the Crimea

The San Valeers do Nostaglia:

Best contest of the year for the non-OTT inclined (with apologies to Norm and Winter Classic).  Looking forward to dusting off the old Aiglet for a head-to-head with Terry T (if only I can get the electronic timer, digital incidence meter, RDT, RF Tracker and GPS data-logger installed by then).  Proxy Flying — ahhh Yes, real Nostalgia !  I'm trying to get Roger Bannister to tow for me, but he might be tied up that weekend, at the Sculthorpe Autumn Wind-Fest Gala ?

LOL (Lots of Lift)

—  Biggles

Hummer Pans

I have hummer pans, and rings, and spinners.

Looking for Indoor Rubber Stripper

Cutting of rubber ?

Please help with information.

I want to buy a device or mechanism for cutting of rubber.

Such mechanism used  F1D flyers.

Thank you.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking for Dave Burley

Does anybody know if Dave Burley (E-Timer dude) is still around.  If so please send me his email.


Larry Norvall

Woodbridge, Ca 

.... Larry of course the real electronic Timer Dude is still around ...

Reporting From the Crimea

F1U.ORG is doing their usual great job in reporting real time from the contests in the Crimea.  Go to to get the live report from the last event and reports from the two events they have just have.

Our man on the field, Walt Ghio reports that Victor Stamov is doing a great job on the contest organization and that the field found by Victor and Artem Babenko is excellent.

Roger Morrell