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Walt's 2011 Free Flight Holiday

Walt Ghio 

This past winter Victor Stamov had told me about a plan for three World Cup contest in the Ukraine. They would be held on a new flying field that Artem Babenko had located in the Crimea near Berehove. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania agreed to each move a World Cup contest to this flying site to make a week long “Holiday”. After attending the “2011 Free Flight Holiday” and flying on “Babenko Hills” flying field, I would say it was a complete success.

The flying field is very big. With the breeze that was present for most of the three contest my flights traveled around .7 of a mile to .9 of a mile. The flight line was on low hill top which made for a down hill walk to the model and a slight up hill walk back to the flight line. Each day the breeze was from a different direction. With the fifty five minute round time and a fifteen minute break between rounds it was not difficult to be ready for the next round.

Victor had set up that you picked a pole position for the first contest with four flyer’s to a pole. For each of the contest he moved the rotation so that on one contest you were at the middle of the line and on each end for the other two. This made it very fare for the competitors. You did not move pole positions during the day also.

For the flyoffs the flying order for F1A, F1B and F1C was rotated so each contest had a different format to the end. Also, the first contest used the five minute flight time and then he changed to a seven minute flight time for the first flyoff flight and starting later in the day.

The jury was uitilized by the organizers also. With the breeze at the upper limit on Sunday for the first contest the jury decided to only fly one round and then continue on Monday the reserve day. Several timing issues came up during the week and again the jury was assembled and a decision made. Each contest had different jury members. Overall an excellent organization of the competition from the organizers.

Hot lunch and drinks were available for purchase on the field. A big tent was used for shade with tables and chairs. The organizers had put together a good support team from the running of the contest to the cooking of the food.

The Crimea is an excellent place for a vacation along with attending the three World Cup contests. Victor had located a hotel that a lot of the competitors and family members stayed at. Cost was around twelve dollars a day. After each contest a banquet was held with dinner and prize giving along with music for dancing after the prize giving.

If you do make plans for attending this series of contest next year make sure you visit Koktebel. Excellent Black Sea city to take a boat ride and swim in the Black Sea. Also a great place to have dinner with my Jack Daniels drinking friends.

Yes, low drag F1A models showed good results with Yuri Titov and Victor Stamov winning one contest each. Along with Yuri’s second place in the Black Sea Cup it shows that low drag airfoils are here to stay. The junior Nikolay Lomov is very impressive in the F1A event for such a young age. For the F1B event Albert Bulatov’s flapper had a good results with placing third in two of the contest. Albert reminds me of a young Alex Andriukov. Andrey Burdov’s winning flight using his six panel flapper was excellent. Climbed high and the glide was of a very high standard. F1C had a mix of normal models, flappers and folders.

Both my self and Brian VanNest had a great time because of our Ukraine host. Victor Stamov for Brian and Oleg Kulakovsky for me. Two cars, filled up with models, support equipment and six flyers for the trip. Nikita Plis, who I exchanged timing with and F1C flyer Nikolay Ploskih were fun to be with on the trip. These two along with Alex Kulakovsky keep me informed with their stories about the night life around Koktebel. Also a big thanks for Nastya Vivchar who is translating this write up to Russian for




At this time the web site has been on line for approximately one year.   The time required to operate the site and cost for the site have been supplied by the web site organizers for this time period.  As the site has grown, the time required to maintain the site has also increased.  We have decided to set up a way for site visitors to make a donation to the organizers to help maintain the web site.  You can make a direct donation (button in the right column) via the web site (using PayPal) or at World Cup contest you can make a personal donation to Alex Kulakovsky.  

Thank you for your assistance in keeping up and running."

Best regards,
Alexander Kulakovsky




Roger, etal,
I asked if any food caterer would be at USFFC this weekend,
& got the following good news from Ted Firster just now:
"Yes,  Culinary Creations of Bakerfields.  Ted"

So yes, Chow!

Burley's Contact Info

Dave's email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
as requested by Larry the Lurker

Jerry Murphy


In the press


Just got the latest Flying Models Magazine with an article by Jim Lueken on the Z15, a 'lost' Frank Zaic design. It includes a full size plan and all the instruction plus wisdom from other So Cal gumband and otherwise worthies.


Great little airplane.



Roger Morrell