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  1. Henry Spence
  2. SW FAI Challenge
  3. For Sale - F1C
  4. For Sale F1B

Henry Spence

Please post this on SEN as soon as possible.
I am very sad to pass the news that Henry Spence passed away early this morning, October 29th.  Henry had been in the hospital since the Finals but had returned home.  Funeral arrangement have not yet been determined.
Jim Bradley 

More Information from Mike Fedor

Henry Spence passed away around midnight on Thurs. Oct 28th. from complications as a result of pneumonia. Henry was a life long Free Flighter and President of the Texas Cloud Climbers Model Airplane Club. Henry was well known throughout the Free Flight community both nationally and internationally. Just a month ago at the FAI Team Finals at Lost Hills CA, Henry had won a spot on the USA F1C Team that is to compete in the World Championships in Argentina this Spring.

Please remember Henry, his wife Doris, son Steve, daughter Susan and their families in your prayers.

I will forward on information about Henry's memorial/funeral services as they are finalized.

Thermals with a heavy heart as my good friend Henry is off on his last flyoff flight.

Mike Fedor

P.S. Steve wanted me to mention that Henry was tested for "Valley Fever" and those test results were negative.

South West FAI Challenge

Hi Folks,

We are already at the lake bed and all set up.   Weather Underground shows 0% chance of precipitation this weekend.  Friday wind prediction is 5-7 MPH, Saturday shows 7-8 MPH through 3:00, but picks up at about 4:00 which may make Saturday flyoffs difficult, but Sunday shows 2 MPH all day.

Anybody for a flyoff in 2 MPH conditions Sunday morning?  Sounds pretty good.  Hope to see you here!


For Sale


Hi Roger
I have 2 x excellent F1c's For Sale
1 x Nelson Geared, Mogel Timer fixed wing
1 x Nelson Straight drive Mogel Timer Fixed wing
with all the usual features.

Pics & details to Genuine buyers only
These models are from my personal fleet used in the Ukraine / Croatia W/Chams (Austraian F1c team)
both models are trimmed & on the pace.
Also have the HP note book computer , programs
& cable available

Can you please include this in The Market Place
Colin Crowley

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Electronic F1Bs for Sale

A number of times over the last couple of years local flyers have asked me or Mike Mulligan for Electronic F1Bs like the ones I fly. Mike decided not to stock electronic models as he was not comfortable supporting them. I've got a couple of RRTF of the latest Vivchar F1Bs with Magic electronic timers. These are the  models that Vivchar currently flys and were prepped for his use this years Euro Champs.   I would prefer them to go to someone local because I can help them the best.  The price is $1560.  - Roger Morrell

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on   the above.

Roger Morrell