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  1. Ike and MaxMen dates
  2. Classic AMA stuff and more for sales
  3. Why Biggles is never Lost ..

Ike and Maxmen dates and more

We have had a number of enquiries about the dates.

The iscaason Winter Classic will be on the February 12 and 13 weekend and the Maxmen on the 18 - 20.  The MaxMen is held on the President's day weekend that is the third Monday in February.

We believe that the PanAm contest will be held during the week between the contests.

The organizers of the Ike have been approached by sportsmen from another country to make the Ike's  F1ABCPQE events a World Cup events for that country. The other country does not have a suitable site.  This will probably happen. All paper work is being done and has to be completed by mid November for the FAI calendar.  Details will be published later.

Classic AMA power stuff and more for sale

I wish to thank you for doing this for me as I really want these engines to go to the
free flight community, that is where they belong.
My background in this great hobby goes back to Chicago in the very early 1950's, the
Propnuts was the club I belonged to.  This was the south side off shoot of the Chicago
Aeronuts, the "Masters" such as Charlie Sotich, Carl Goldberg, Wally Simmers and many
more would attend our meetings to guide us munchkins.
Enough on the digression into the past, here is the list of "stuff" that I would like to get
out into the community.  All of the engines are suggested price, if you feel that the price
is too high please make me an offer.  I will supply pictures just give me an email and
I will send them.  All of the engines are as described and I will be happy to return the money
if not 100% satisfied, check out "freflyte" on eBay I have a 100% rating in feedback.
Also I have many parts for the Torps and Veco engines of the era, gaskets, screws,
and many parts, send me a want list and I will look for them.
Hope this is enough information to publish as these really need to go where they will be
used and not just looked at.
Chuck Gode
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Portland Oregon
105  Torp .35GH Greg Davis rebuild, never ran…as new          $160.00 
110  Torp .23GH Greg Davis rebuild, very little run time, fast.    $110.00
111  Torp .19GH Greg Davis rebuild, very fast runner                 $120.00
113  Torp .35GH Greg Davis rebuild , never new           $160.00
114  Torp .201GH Greg Davis rebuild as new very fast              $175.00
115  Torp .201Great compression, fast runner                             $105.00
119  Torp .19GH Old style, Great compression.                           $  55.00
123  Torp .29Old slant head 3 bolt, glow w/ timing lug,never Mounted as new.   $125.00

Power Kits
145  Satellite 450Satellite 450, A-B FAI, Bill Hunter Kit, New           $65.00
146  Satellite 450Satellite 450, A-B Jack Morland Kit, New             $65.00  (Bought this new from Jack and has never been molested)
148  Satellite 226Satellite 226, 1/2A, Jack Moreland Kit, New        $45.00  (Bought this new from Jack and has never been molested)
148  Satellite 226Satellite 226, 1/2A, Jack Moreland Kit, New        $45.00  (Bought this new from Jack and has never been molested)

150  ZingoZingo FAI Power Kit, New                                                   $40.00
151  GalaxieGalaxie 585, A-B, Vic Cunningham Kit, New                 $55.00
152  Starduster XStarduster X, 1/2A, Compitition Model Kit, New   $35.00
153  ZeekZeek, 1/2A, Campbell Kit, Nostalgia, New                          $30.00
154  ScramblerScarmbler, A-B-C, Sig Kit, New                                  $30.00

Rubber Kits
155  Souper CoupeSouper Coupe, Lee Campbell Kit, New              $20.00
156  ClimberClimber by Ed Lamb, 4K's Model Kit, New                     $30.00
157  Dyna-MoDyna-Mo by Campbell Kits, New                                    $35.00
158  ConvertibleConvertible Old Time Rubber, Peck-Polymer Kit, New    $25.00
159  ConvertibleConvertible Old Time Rubber, Peck-Polymer Kit, New    $25.00

160  Fuselage mandrel plus the carbon fiber (2 weights, enough for many fuselages), Peal Ply plus holding fixture for winding complete set-up.......... minus epoxy         $350.00  Email me for the dimensions and pictures, this is for 1/2A and A classes primarily.

... so if you are interested contact Chuck directly

Why Biggles is never lost or
Biggles Smart Buy

This is not about my bright yellow Smart car, quite the cutest car seen on UK airfields and now sadly missed, but about Smart Phones for gps assisted recovery. I’ve penned an article for Free Flight Down Under edited by Malcolm Campbell - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - on the latest developments in gps and smart phones and this will also be in Biggles News in the new year.

My mate John Thorn (gps and digital cartography guru) and myself are jointly producing a ‘Thoughts On Buying a GPS Unit.’ paper for our DWG clients that brings my ‘GPS The Easy Way’ book up to current day developments in hardware and software. If you would like a copy of this paper when it is ready then email me at david ‘dot’ brawn ‘at’ We have been looking at and trail testing the latest mapping gps units - see Mapyx Quo  and Memory Map websites for info on these units - and looking at gps equipped smart phones and software.

Smart phones, and iPhones, are usually in the £300-£500  price bracket but John emailed me to say that he had just bought the new Orange San Francisco android smart phone for £99 + £20 payg topup. We’ve just gone into Orange to get one each, mine will be using the Trekbuddy mapping app when I get to grips with it. There are reports that these models are selling out in some Orange shops. Where you get your digital mapping from can be a problem but John has a neat software package
I will be converting my airfield maps into Trekbuddy map files to use on the San Francisco and I can probably make these available as a zip file for other Free Flight users for the nominal cost of a pint of real ale at the Houblon Arms.

Web resources to research this topic are:-
Free Flight Down Under - Malcolm Campbell - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lowrance Endura mapping gps units -
Adventurer 2800 & 3500 mapping gps units -
Orange San Francisco – Google Orange San Francisco
Orange San Francisco review - and others
Mapc2Mapc -
Trekbuddy forum -

Cheers David Brawn

Mapc2Mapc that will convert a calibrated digital map into Trekbuddy map files.

Roger Morrell