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  1. AZ next week
  2. Travelling all them places don't motivate me
  3. F1C at 6100'
  4. finals site selection
  5. And from our political consultant/advisor/pollster
  6. Bunter A2s for sale
  7. 2011 Sympo
  8. ESFFC Results

AZ next Week

On December 4 and 5 we will again have the Arizona Championships in Eloy, Arizona. This is the last America's Cup and National Cup contest West of the Mississippi for this year. To download the 2 fliers for the AZ Champs go to  and click on the blue "Arizona FF Champs". There we fly about all AMA, NFFS, SAM and FAI events on our huge field in the desert.
Please come and fly with us!

Travelling all them places don't motivate me...
  Biggles has forced a Lueken sighting.... so it's all his fault:-)
A few SEN's back Biggles commented on the fact that people not in the team selection program have not put in their two cents, so here I am. It's been quite a few years since I've flown FAI let alone tried for the team and reading what everyone has to say has been interesting to follow. How do I feel? For me, traveling all over the country to make the team would not get me flying again. Don't get me wrong, I'd be more than happy to go to another country for the world champs... that's just one trip. As a timer at the last finals I had time to observe without the distraction of flying. Some very good fliers missed the team because of one very small mistake during the 14 rounds.
 So here's a couple of ideas.
1. Have 1 or 2 throw away rounds during the regular rounds. Many large R/C contests use this format and it works well. ( I know "R/C" blah blah blah, but it does work )
2. Single site. 3 days. All three events fly each day with the winner of each event, each day, on the team. In this case, each flyer gets 3 tries to make the team. Miss the fly off the first day, not to worry you have 2 more tries. With the way weather changes day to day at a site like Lost Hills, a well rounded team could be chosen. ( I know I know... timers might be a problem, but each day you gain 3 more timers ).
That's it for me. I had a great time timing at the finals this year with no issues and lots of good sports. ( at least at my pole position ).
Good luck to the current team.
Jim Lueken

F1C at 6100'

I would like to address Roger Simpson's evaluation of flying F1C at Denver. F1C models climb more slowly at 6100'. Although form drag is reduced, props are less efficient, engines produce less power and consequently climb altitude is less. During his one experience flying at Denver, Roger found that his models were over-elevated and by the time he had worked with stab adjustment and engine/prop combinations for a while the wind came up, turned to rain and we quit flying. In transitioning between Denver and lower elevation sites, all I do is change stab incidence by 1/2 turn for direct-drive models and 3/4 turn for geared. That gets you to a starting point reasonably close to where the decalage needs to be. I would agree that if you are competing against someone at sea level, you would be at a big disadvantage, but you're only competing against the guy at the next pole position flying under exactly the same conditions. Here's a Denver field challenge for F1C flyers: During flyoff conditions, set your timer for 10 minutes and see if you can land in crops, trees, water or come anywhere close to leaving the field.

Chuck Etherington

Finals Site Selection

I have flown and competed in a number of sites for F1C in the U.S.  Lost Hills - great!  Taft - great!  Texas - okay but has it's drawbacks.  Waywaywanda - fair - off the field several times.  Ingelside - small.  Muncie - I have been event director at the Nationals for F1C a number of years and find the following:  at the Nats, the problem is that it is very difficutl to find the proper launch area to keep the models on the field and out of trees, etc. due to the other Nats events using most of the areas for launching models.

Should Muncie ever be used, it has to be at another time other than the NATS.


Tom Kerr

And from our political consultant/advisor/pollster

Subject: Finals

Wow.  If you guys can figure this out, you are TRULY gifted and I would wager you have missed your calling:  you should be trying to master the politics behind CA's $20b state budget deficit!  :-)

(Where EVERYBODY also wants their way, say they want change but not really).


Bunter A2s for sale

For Sale:
I have two fine flying F1A bunters for sale.  My Buntbone & Buntero.
Each $650, or both for $1200. Each are BM timer equipped. 
Buntbone is RDT enabled.  Shipping not included.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone 949 645 4850 or 949 885 6346
Serious offers only please.

Lee - I do not understand your mixed nomenclature - I thought that A2 could only be build by Luddites and that carbon was forbidden unless hidden inside a balsa sandwich. What's worse an electronic timer is the work of the devil!


Papers wanted on any conceivable free-flight topic, high tech to historical and everything in-between. Send ideas,abstracts,completed papers or call the 2011 editor:
Dave Lacey 1400 N.Ivanhoe St. Alexandria VA 22304 phone 703-370-5708
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 13-14 2010 EUSFFC FAI Results


Timothy Barron 240 180 180 180 120 120 120 1140

Bob Sifleet    153 173 175 180 120 120 120 1041

Andrew Barron  240 98 166 125 120 120 120 989

Gene Ulm        98 180 85 180 120 120 120 903

Kathy Radziunas - - 154 - - - - 154

Sarah Radziunas - - 77 - - - - 77


Tom Vaccaro     270 180 189 138 120 120 120 1128

Sarah Radziunas 261 180 145 159 120 120 120 1105

Carrol Allen    180 176 180 180 120 120 120 1076

Roger Morrell   270 180 180  80 120 120 120 1070

A. Schlossberg   53 180 180 180 120 120 120 953

Wes Murrell     116 161 133 173 120 120 120 916

John Clapp      180 dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 180


Carrol Allen    120 120 120 120 120 600

Kathy Radziunas 120  97 120  75 120 532

Don Rousseau    120  69  89 105 105 488

Dave lacey      120  93  78  46   - 337

Tom Vaccaro     120 120 - - - 240

John Clapp      120  99 - - - 219


Bob Sifleet 120 100 120 92 120 552


Dick Ivers     169 180 180 180 120 120 120 1069

Dave Lacey     132 110 144 111 120 120   - 737

A. Schlossberg 105 156  17 154  46  88 116 682

Winds were fairly light on Saturday and very calm on Sunday until about 10:30 when it seemed that the wind switch was thrown on. Maxes were reduced to 120 sec for the last 3 rounds. Temp was in the mid 60’s on both days which is somewhat unusual for the east coast in mid November.

 Dave Lacey


Roger Morrell