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Table of Contents - SEN 1479

  1. F1A for Sale
  2. How many World Cup Events
  3. Another perspective
  4. BTV Double Correction
  6. TSC non-Update

F1A for sale

I have F1A for sale: Electronical 3 servos Russian style. M&K e-timer, M&K parts. 2330mm wingspan. covered Icarex. Condition is almost perfect, never damaged not used in competition. Price is 850 Euros, for serious buyer price can be lowered. More info and pictures by : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Povilas C.

How Many World Cup Events ?

Are you so soon forgetting the TWO F1E World Cup events
which will be held on Holloway Hill?
On Monday, Feb 14th, 2011, The first ever Anselmo Zeri Memorial F1E event,
followed by the 6th California F1E World Cupon Feb 15th.  
So mark your next years' calendars for those dates.
I am sure this will be the first time in USA for F1E World Cup events
being contested on consecutive days.
Soooo...Bring something to fly!
CD of Cal Cup

Another perspective

I would like to offer my suggestions for an improved Team Selection Process.  I would suggest that we have two sites, Denver and Seguin, to host the contests.  That we stagger the times for the finals at these sites, and allow entrants to compete at both sites.  This would mitigate the possibility of a fluke eliminating a competitor.  We could then field two teams for the World champs, a Northern and a Southern U.S. contingent.  Since most of the worlds quality F1 flyers are from the Americas, it would only seem fair that we field two teams.  The European countries are all about as big as one of our States anyway.  The cost of sending two teams to the Show could be born by charging all the participants an appropriate sum and putting it in a pool.
Roland Solomon

Editor's note - Sometimes I'm not sure if I should publish input that I get but believe that every opinion should be published. Most people would not agree with Roland on where the top flyers are? but there is certainly always in any international event event based on National participation a disparity between the different sizes of the World nations and questions on how to deal with it.  And I thought the North vs South thing officially went about 1866 and in today's USA FF World it is more of an East vs West thing...

BTV Double Correction

In SEN 1476, I fear Biggles let his journalistic bent exceed the facts re
the 'Beat The Vartanian' funfly, christened 'BTV-West'.
He is correct that it will be flown Sunday Feb 13, 201.
Where he, ahem, missed the boat is stating it was for Olde Time gliders.
That is not true. You may build any 12" span CLG and come join the fun!

I direct you to visit the following link for the facts, which I posted yesterday:,5064.0.html

FYI Mr Magic:
Just for the record, Vartanian is not a furrener. 
In fact the last I knew, he was alive & living in the NorCal Bay area.
He was a Chicago Aeronut member who flew with great flyers such as Goldberg, Hugulet, Hervath & Simmers.
Plus he designed a great flying little record-setting indoor glider!

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TSC non-Update

We had hoped to publish and update from the TSC meeting on the USA Team selection, maybe it is as one TSC member told me that he was not sure if he would survive? so maybe none are left after the meeting ?

Normally we get an update via that well known  Wiki source but since the arrest of their leader... not an update. I did get a new flash from Mike Achterberg - 
"Hi Guys;
Well it worked out perfect for me!! Don't have to build, fly or anything for 2 years! And best of all, they doubled my lotto shot! Parkers program is it, assuming they can get someone to run it. After thinking about it this is best for me in so many ways, as I can be the George Zenikas now. One model and ready to go!! Only 3 voted for other Multi, but of course they call this a multi. Think they are going to send out the choice of Lost Hills and Muncie. But they didnt factor in who will volunteer to run it. Think I will vote for Muncie. Less participants and even better lotto shot.See ya.

But seeing this is not really complete we need to wait for the proper update.