SEN1310 - 1 June

Table of Contents - SEN 1310 


  1.  3 for Q
  2. can'f rean SEN XXXX
  3. Coiupes for sale
  4. FF Electronics Update
  5. Vintgae Power Survet Results



3 for Q?

Roger,  The altitude limitation device seems again to be a big burden on the CD - the burden of owning a laptop and software for model processing. We should expect no more of the CD than a gram scale and a tape measure. I was at the Pensacola contest last weekend and all record keeping was done with pen and paper (and a pocket calculator).   Why are we not also discussing the 3 minute max, also a simple and logical next step? This is an F1 event and there is not a larger electric class so why not treat Q like A,B, & C? 90 gram battery, 10 second engine run, 3 minute max - do we really need more?  Ross

 SEN 1303 - cant read all?


I just now opened my e-mails of the last 3 weeks and had an incomplete SEN 1303 (I only got item #4 of five items).  Please advise how I can open the entire SEN mailing, as I am interested in supporting the USFF team.  I really look forward to reading the SENs, but sometimes get behind schedule.  Please keep up the good work.
Jon Zeisloft
Jon and others
 We publish it online too. Some browsers will not read everything, have not figured why. If there is a line saying show quoted text - click it.
We do try and remov all the MS Word garbgage that come to us in some submissions and is generally the cause of the problem.
2 Coupes (F1G) for sale
2 coupes (F1G) built by Andrey Burdov for sale
1 of them is brand new and has never been flown, the other one made about 10 flights (no damages at all).
These coupes are about 10 years of age and have the following characteristics:
- kevlar motortube and kevlar pylon;
- carbon/aluminumfoil tailboom;
- prop with start pin and montreal stop;
- 3 functiontimer: vit, rudder, dt;
- start/stop button for timer (starts at launch)
- room for radio beacon in pylon;
- 1 model has a D-Box wing, the other one has ribs/spars/carbon.
Complete with rubbermountingrod and (russian) prop protection device; packed in custom made box for 3 coupes.
Those interested please contact Jan Somers, The Netherlands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FFElectronics - Aeris RDT system update

Roger,  my Aeris RDT receivers (both stand-alone and host-timer versions) have now reduced size and weight.  Updated details available on my website and manuals available for download at  Thanks Massimo

Vintage FAI Power Survey Results

     Recently, I asked SEN readers for their opinions on three questions related to the Vintage FAI Event. The survey was presented twice in SEN, and the second time produced nearly twice as many responses as did the first time. So, there must be some message there. At any rate, the results were as follows:

Number of respondents - 31*

1. Do you have any interest in the Vintage FAI Event?.
     Yes - 26      No - 5
2. If the Vintage FAI event were held at local free flight meets across the country and at the US Nats, would you enter and fly in it?
     Yes - 25     No - 6
3. Would you have any interest in serving on a NFFS committee to assist with formalizing the Vintage FAI Event rules?   If so, please provide your name.
     Yes - 11     No - 14
     (I am withholding the names of potential volunteers pending further developments).

A few comments:
•A survey of NFFS members indicates that about 65% of us have email addresses. Not all are readers of SEN, I am sure. A more widely distributed survey to all members would provide a larger number of responses, but the proportion of yes to no votes would very likely be unchanged.    
•It was enjoyable to read comments from people who have their original vintage models still in the attic or other location, and those who reminisced about their exploits back in the day.
•Several of the no voters expressed concern about the proliferation of events currently on the free flight schedule; noting that adding another event will exacerbate this problem.

The results of this survey have been sent to Bob Mattes for his information, as he requested. He has now asked Walt Ghio and I to form a subcommittee to discuss, promolgate, and propose a set of rules that can be used for a two year provisional period..

(Updated 6-10-09)



Roger Morrell