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  1. Team Selection
  2. Sierra Flash
  3. Dave on Munchie
  4. iPhone Apps from EoB Industries

Team Selection Editorial

What's great is that everyone is so passionate about the Team Selection process. In the USA we are fortunate that we have the interest in FAI free to have the need to have a team selection contest. In some countries there is a only a very people and even if a contest is necessary some people are very blase about it because they have been to many World or Euro Champs before.

Those in the US team selection process should got their ballots by now so please remember to vote and if would say that if you did not get one in a few days and think you should have, check with AMA HQ.

It is important to remember that object of the contest is to select the team.  While taking in a world champs can be a great motivator for a person or his club mates, only 3 people get to go in each class every every two years. If we are to motivate people to continue fly we must do other things as well as run the finals. The Americas's Cup is one of those, may you can think of other?

When people vote there may be different reasons for each person. Going to the World Champs is much more complex logistics exericse than going to either Lost Hills or Muncie and demands a more serious personal commitment in terms of time and money. So if you're not prepared to go the to the one you didn't vote for, are you really prepared to make the effort  to represent your country in the World Champs?

Sierra Flash

A- Limberger
B- Andriukov
C- McBurnett

Dave on Munchie

Please place this in SEN


Hello FAI, USA , team aspirants


I think in the past few days that you have all received your packet from the AMA with the two proposals for a finals site.


I would urge all of you to consider the Muncie proposal very seriously!  The last several finals have all been at Lost Hills, California.  It is time to get a rotation of sites before the program becomes just an event for California flyers. 


In my opinion, it is time to get a rotation of sites going again, and now is the time to make the rotation to Muncie.   It is now or never for Muncie!


It would be nice to see a site rotation begin with Muncie in 2010, and in 2012 at Lost Hills.   Alternately, maybe even a Muncie, Lost Hills, Denver rotation, if Denver will have us?


As you know, most of the FAI flyers are located on the West Coast, and you have the rest of the country outnumbered.  So if it is a popularity contest, Lost Hills always gets the vote.


If this finals is not at Muncie this time, I will not attend.  I can't see continuing in this sport if it is required to attend a Lost Hills Finals every time, i.e.  to go out and experience a competition against  the HOME TEAM! 


I think that FAI participation has really dropped in the central and eastern states, with the exception of the Waywayanda group with their exceptional program in Connecticut.  Part of the cause for this is the cost and time for midwest and eastern flyers having to travel to Lost Hills all of the time.


Hope to see all of you at Muncie in 2010!


Dave Edmonson

iPhone Apps from EoB Industries

Reverend SCAT,

I was rather dismissive of Baron Pennington's suggestion of using an iPhone for setting up a model a few issues back. Well now I'm a convert to the pleasures of the iPuppy ! My conversion came after seeing a guy use the 'I'm pissed' application. Not only did it tell him where he lived and how to get home but it also told him the name of his wife, dog and mistress, you know, the kind of things you forget after 10 pints of Scroggin's Old Death ('A wee snort before ye fall over').

Anyway it struck me that us FFers could really use some neat apps (like Rene's altimeter thingy) so I set about finding someone to do it. I can now offer the following to a special introductory offer to SEN readers :-

App1 : 'Where 'yer bike ?' Using Google Earth and GPS this app locates you retrieval bike and navigates you to it with ease. Perfect for those lost bike occasions. Says Mr D. of West Wickam, Kent "I generally loose one bike, maybe two per contest but now I find them with ease. Now where's that blooming phone ?". Available in multiple lauguages including Yorkshire (called 'Where's t'bike ?').

App2 : 'Skip Yogi'. Programs your 10-parameter SkipYogi functions with ease (note: restricted user base).

App3 : 'Luddite Timer'. Are you a luddite who really used electronic timers but you don't want your fellow competitors to know ? This simple app projects the image of a clockwork time (fuse option still being developed) on to your fuselage whilst downloading your latest bunt settings. Choose from KSB, Tatone, Russian Grenade, Tomy. Says Mr Al Uddite "Please don't print my name will you ?"

App4 "Electronic Timer'. Are you an electronic timer user who hankers for the days of clockwork ? This app loads the DT time for your electronic timer using the image of a clockwork timer. Simply rotate your iPhone until the timer disc is at your required DT time then bingo ! Adds random timer failure, early DT, late DT to your setting to give that "Will it or wont it DT !" feel. Choose from KSB, Tatone, etc. Works with all known electronic timers - and some unknown ones as well.

App5 : 'Tracker Noise'. Even been downwind with the other guys who maxed but, opps, you forgot to switch your tracker on ! Avoid that awkward silence as you pick your model up with the Tracker Noise app. This reproduces the noise of your tracker and increases the volume as you get close - just like a real tracker ! No need to look like a numpty with your tracker in one hand, the model in the other and no signal. Says Mr H., Boreham Wood "Brilliant ! Wish I had one of these before I quit flying". Coose from Walston, Biotrack, Ruyter.

App6 : 'App App'. Get annoyed when someone has an app that you don't ? Via voice recognition and random icon generation software, when someone says "Have you seen my new app for cabbage identification' the 'App App' will generate an app for you which does the same thing ! Says Mr P., Bristol "Wow, let me have a look !"

App7 : 'Letter App' Are those new rules, team selection site discussions, EoB diatribes really getting on your goat ? Well use our new 'Letter App' to automatically send an e-mail to SEN, NFFS, Library of Congress etc without you even having to type. Mr E. of the USA says "You don't think I type all that stuff myself do you ?"

App8 : 'Supermax Calculator'. Works out who's won the contest if a supermax has been used (now discontinued due to bug problems). Says Mr K., Farnborough. "I wish you guys had got this working in time - it would have made my life much easier"

New apps are being developed all the time. If you have a specific need them please contact use at EoB Works moto 'You'll cold turkey without an iPhone'.


Roger Morrell<