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  1. Bob Gutai Update
  2. W_Hobby Update
  3. Too Bee or Knot Too Bee

Bob Gutai Update
Bob Gutai have made a good recovery from the complications he developed during hernia surgery last week.  He was released from the hospital yesterday and is now home.  He still has some additional medical problem but those will have to wait until he is stronger.  I talked to him Monday and at home yesterday and he sounds good.  Below is his address and phone number if you would like to contact him.
Jim Bradley   
Bob Gutai
1302 N. 23 St.
Allentown, PA 18104

W-Hobby Update

Dear Roger,
Please publish this on your SCAT News Board:
W-Hobby Free Flight has finally resumed the full production of the popular F1A Sija and Junior kits.
The Sija model kit that became famous for its original tubular spar construction and was extremely popular for its ease of assembly and perfect flying characteristics was taken out of production for over a year in order to resolve some technical manufacturing issues. We are happy to announce that now it is back and readily available for shipping. Sija and Junior kits are perfect present for any modeler regardless of age!

sincerely yours
Vidas Dimavicius
W-Hobby Free Flight

Too Bee or knot Too Bee

Hi Roger.

Bee Alert #2: I talked with James, the farm manager for Blackwell Land
Co. about our bee problem. He told me that the hives belong to a
private bee keeper that they hire for their orchards. He contacted
this guy, and called me back in about an hour, saying that 98% of the
hives will be gone by Saturday. Very pleasant guys, and obviously,
very easy to work with. There will probably still be some bees on the
field, but nothing like I was expecting. gb

Roger Morrell<