SEN 1226 - 1 July 2008


Table of Contents - SEN 1226 -

  1. MMM Flash
  2. Looking for Sympo Info
  3. Radio in flight
  4. Others did it by Radio

MMM Flash

Rene Limberger becomes the 4th person in history to win the MMM FAI Annual with a

14-round max-out! Details to follow.

Congratulations Rene! C

huck Etherington (CD)

Looking for Sympo Info
From: Ed Mate

I am still trying to find our if whoever is still taking papers for the 2009 Sympo? Allso when does the 2008 come out please? Thanks, Ed Mate


Radio in Flight
From: Klaus Salzer

The problem Chuck Markos reports seems to be based on the metal low-wing
airplane used. I know of several instances of retrieval flights using
composite or shoulder wing (metal) airplanes or open cockpit Ultralights
where the transmitter of the grounded model could be readily identified,
and - using the start / end of signal reception and a follow up at approx
the center of this line at 90° would allow to narrow down the position of
the plane quite closely, even if it still could not be seen.
A non-directional antenna was always used in the aitrplane, and the position
of this antenna should be kept the same after first signal reception to
minimize shadowing / reflection errors.

The Ruyter system in the 145..MHz range was always used, but Walston should
not be different. Headphones advisable, as airplanes are noisy!
Better succes on your next search ... even better, not to have to search at

Greetings from overseas where cheap, plastic airplanes are more common than
the metal types ...

Your faithful Austrian
Klaus W. Salzer

Others did it by air
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To Chuck Markos,
Some 15 years ago while living in Austin TX the Simpson brothers went out flying Rogers F1C.
It went OOS.
Next day they rented a light aircraft and some 30 miles from launch site got a good signal.
They picked up the ship unscathed.
Call Roger or Reed for detail.

Roger Morrell