SEN 1230 19 July 2008

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  1.  Tangent Power
  2. MMM 14 Rounder


 Tangent Power

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This is getting a little embarasing, although my being embarrased is nothing new. The up coming Tangent Oregon Contests appear to have a good number of fine flyers representing F1 A & B planning to attend. However, where are the C guys? Pierre (smooth talking French guy) seems more adept at recruiting people than the two greasy, noisy CDs running the Tangent Classic. I do not understand why all the high buck F1 Cs from around the world will be sitting comfortably in their model boxes when they could be gently thermaling in Tangent. This is a perfect time of year for freeflight in Oregon and we have a spectacular new field so get off your duff and come to Tangent or once again your big buck toys will spend another weekend without your enjoyment.

Portland has an International airport so call BA, Quantas, United or get in your rig (no extra bag charges)and make your way to Tangent; the land of gentle thermals, no drift and lush green fairways from which to fly.


Mike & Ron



MMM 14 Rounder Report

CDs Chuck Etherington & Bill Lovins

· The most touching event of the contest was the symbolic flying of the
late Willard Smitz’s Nordic. Among those who towed it up were: George
Batiuk, Rene Limberger, Lee Hines, Brian Van Nest, Peter Brocks, Marc
Sisk, Don DeLoach, Mel Gray and even Sue Etherington with Jerry Murphy
coordinating the activity. With each flight the mantra, “Run Willard Run”
could be heard.” Kurt Smitz, Willard’s son, was on hand for the tribute.
He brought a memorial book for us to sign and wine and beer so we could
toast his dad. Very moving. There were some emotional stories shared.
· Rene Limberger won F1A becoming only the 4th sportsman in history to
max out all 14 rounds at the FAI Annual. Congratulations Rene!
· Brian Van Nest was only 15 seconds behind with a drop in the 8th
· George Batiuk nearly repeated his 2001 max-out. Unfortunately, he
dropped 20 sec in the 3rd round. Blake Jensen also dropped the 3rd round
(same air?) but by 13 sec more than George. Both maxed the remaining 11
rounds with George hanging on by a thread for the win.
· Tiffaney O’Dell won F1G with a near max-out dropping just 14 sec.
· Mike Thompson maxed-out F1H with Brian Van Nest just 1 sec behind him.
· Tim Batiuk won HLG with 6 maxes with Todd Reynolds and Lee Hines hot
on his heels with 5 maxes each.
· Todd Reynolds won CLG with 4 maxes. Todd has become a superb
· Two youngsters experienced their first flyaways in small glider:
Ellen Major in Jr. HLG and Raymond Boyd in Jr CLG. Much thanks to Mel
Gray for setting them up with gliders.
· It was great to have both Batiuk bros. back in Colorado from whence
they came.
· Fast Richard drove his new Mini Cooper Clubman up from Louisiana to
fly F1C with us – it was great having him here.
· Friday night saw a fine barbeque at Mel and Karen Gray’s clubhouse.
Very enjoyable evening.
· I’d like to thank all who came from out-of-town to fly with us and
everyone that helped with the contest; especially co-CD Bill Lovins for
helping to prepare for and run the contest and Sue Etherington for
volunteering to serve as head scorekeeper. A more complete report will be
available in the MaxOut newsletter.
· Finally, Eddie VanLandingham, Peter Brocks and Tim Batiuk had flyaways
in monster thermals and all recovered their models. Rick Pangell found
Tim’s 5.5 miles away in Elbert County. Following a not-so-successful
aerial search, Eddie found his model two days later nearly eight miles
away in a horse corral in Douglas County (it was unhurt). Peter located
his model 7.7 miles away near Eddie’s also on horse property. His ordeal
went from early afternoon until 10:00 that night and involved a county
sheriff’s deputy. All three accounts will be detailed in the next issue
of the MaxOut newsletter. My strongest impression of the contest was
Brigitte Brocks sitting in her lawn chair facing west all afternoon and
evening with her binoculars, two-way radio and a bottle of water patiently
waiting for her man to return.

1 Rene Limberger 2520 (max-out)
2 Brian Van Nest 2505
3 Lee Hines 2242
4 Mike Thompson 2005
5 Randy Reynolds 777
6 Peter Brocks 681
7 Rob Romash 308

1 George Batiuk 2500
2 Blake Jensen 2487
3 Eddie VanLandingham 1022
4 Darold Jones 333
5 Eugene Jensen 237
6 Mark Hoffman 56

1 Chuck Etherington 2347
2 Roland Solomon 992
3 Dick Mathis 851

1 Peter Brocks 500

1 Tiffaney O’Dell 706
2 Randy Reynolds 690
3 Don DeLoach 678
4 Peter Brocks 633
5 Marc Sisk 615
6 Eddie VanLandingham 360
7 Jerry Murphy 214
8 Rob Romash 166
9 Mel Gray 122
10 Todd Reynolds 120

1 Mike Thompson 720 (max-out)
2 Brian Van Nest 719 (dang near a max-out)
3 Marc Sisk 663
4 Lee Hines 597

1 Don DeLoach 274

1 Tim Batiuk 820 (max-out)
2 Todd Reynolds 716 (max-out)
3 Lee Hines 624 (max-out)
4 Mel Gray 373 (max-out)
5 Randy Reynolds 332
6 Mark Hoffman 259
7 Neil Myers 133
8 Mark Covington 38

1 Ellen Major 173
2 Stephen Boyd 49
3 Raymond Boyd 40

1 Todd Reynolds 553 (max-out)
2 Lee Hines 410 (max-out)
3 Tim Batiuk 304
4 Don DeLoach 289
5 Mark Covington 246
6 Neil Myers 222
7 Marc Sisk 200
8 Peter Brocks 165
9 Mel Gray 159
10 Mark Hoffman 48

1 Raymond Boyd 165
2 Ellen Major 133
3 Stephen Boyd 56

Classic Towline
1 Randy Reynolds 622 (max-out)
2 Don DeLoach 494
3 Mel Gray 378
4 Tim Batiuk 286
5 Troy King 178
6 Ray Boyd 158
7 Todd Reynolds 58

Slow Gas Combo
1 Bill Lovins Slow Open Power 490

Fast Gas Combo
1 Bill Lovins B Gas 720 (max-out)
2 Dave Wineland A Gas 448
3 Troy King ½ A 119

O/T Rubber Combined
1 Jim O'Reilly 502
2 Eugene Jensen 450
3 Don DeLoach 402

Nostalgia Wake/Rubber
1 Herb Kothe Nos Wake 540 (max-out)
2 Jim O'Reilly Nos Wake 450

1 Rob Romash 871 (max-out)
2 Marc Sisk 825 (max-out)
3 Don DeLoach 357
4 Jerry Murphy 335
5 Neil Myers 333
6 Darold Jones 108

1 Jim O'Reilly 273

1 Jim O’Reilly 540 (max-out)


Roger Morrell