SEN 1244 2008

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  1. Moffet Field Hanger 1
  2. F1A Rules
  3. Brisbane FFS Diget
  4. Phrench Phlying Photos
  5. E or Q?

Moffet Field Hanger One

From: Fred Terzian

I believe this information is beneficial to the SEN FAI community, especially for the indoor enthusiasts. More importantly is recognizing the fact that we have been losing flying sites and exposure to a wider audience of future and potential sportsmen.
There has been a lot of local press recently about leaving it as an "open-framed" building or demolishing this historical and engineering marvel in Mountain View.
If any of SENs readers would like to make additional comments, please pass them on to the indviduals or organizations listed below.
Also note that the Oakland Cloud Dusters website
has additional information and individuals to contact.
In addition, although it has not been reported in SEN, the U.S. Open and Junior Indoor teams perfomed admirably in Belgrade, Serbia last month. Our two juniors came in first and second and the open contestants took first place in Team competition!
Fred T.


Mr. Newton,
I made a presentation at the August 26 meeting.  At that time I was relatively new to the subject. 
Now I have had more time to do research and think about the project.
I support the proposal by Mountain View City Councilman Jac Siegel to form a committee to
develop a proposal to preserve Hangar One.  It is not enough to just physically restore
the building.  It is necessary to have a plan for the future beneficial use of the building.
A consortium of interested parties should be formed to identify beneficial uses and
resources to preserve, operate and maintain the Hanger.  This would include any modifications
necessary to make the building useful for purposes other than its original purpose of housing
dirigibles.  It has had many uses for which it is uniquely qualified since dirigibles were
no longer housed there.  Many possible uses have been mentioned.  I would add that Boy
Scout Jamborees have been held in the Hangar, and Boy Scout Aviation Squadron 152 used
to have model aviation and aviation ground school classes in the Hangar.  No one of
the interested parties could make it alone, but all working together can preserve
the Hangar.  I believe the National Park Service is the logical ultimate owner
and administrator of the programs.  The Moffett Field Historical Society has an
obvious role within the NPS programs.  The Hangar is also a unique location for
a Navy recruitment program.  Some of these uses would require modifications that
I can understand the Navy would not feel required to pay for.  Those users would
have to understand that they would have to contribute resources for such
modifications.  But it is the Navy's responsibility to restore the basic structure
of the building to make those uses possible and safe.
The Navy drew this projects specification to narrowly.  The Navy should
revise the project goals to include partnering with the community of interested
parties to find a way to restore the building and plan a program for its future
beneficial use.
Gary Hinze

Just a reminder that public comments to the Navy are due by September 13, 2008,
two days.  Don't forget if you haven't already sent your comments.
I have posted information on the Oakland Cloud Dusters web site.  I have added
a little more on planning the future operation of the Hangar, beginning with
the paragraph on the proposal by Mountain View City Councilman Jac Siegel to
form a committee:
I will keep you posted on future developments.
Gary Hinze


Comment on F1A Rules

From:dave Edmonson

Hello Contest Directors
It has been pointed out that there is a hole in the new admission of Radio Controlled DT that allows a person to cheat by aborting a bad launch with RDT to force an attempt with an under 20 second flight.
The FAI community needs to change this situation!
I would like contest directors to avoid this situation by banning all RDT at least in the F1A event during the first 20 seconds of flight.
Please enforce this situation with a clear understanding prior to the contest beginning!
I will lodge a formal protest against anyone using Radio Controlled DT in F1A during the first 20 seconds of flight.
We don't want contestants tempted to use this loophole in the USA and hopefully it will be changed on an International level.
Here is a link to a recent discussion where the current World Champion has won a world cup contest because he aborted a bad launch using radio controlled DT, and went on to win the contest:
Thank you and Best regards
Dave Edmonson

Disclaimer from: the Edge of Beyond


In NFFS forum there has been a discussion about RDT and the use of it by Per Findhal in the recent Bulgaria Cup. Dave Edmonson says he has now written to SEN describing this use as "cheating" and quoting the text on NFFS, including comments from me, as evidence.

Roger, I want to be dissassociated with any suggestion that what Per did or similar cases are cheating and as ask you don't publish the letter.

I'm happy to be involved in the discussion about RDT generally but not this potentially libelous statement.


From: Jim Parker - Moderator NFFS FAI Section


Dave is off base. There is no loop hole.  The FAI rule  people understood the use of RTD when the recent change back to "standard" attempt rule and the adoption of the single non-resversible RDT to DT the model.

George, Paul and Buzz-- I'd  assume this question will be asked at the Finals pre-flight meeting.  TSC may wish to pre-notify the flyers on this issue.

Thermals,  JIM

From: Mike McKeever - F1A World Champ 2005


I am with Jim on this....there is nothing in the rules that makes this practice illegal and as such I do not think a CD for any contest would have a right to declare this practice illegal.  There are very few circumstances where this would be useful, the Per Findahl example being one that could save a flight but it's not illegal and as far as ethics is concerned, if it's within the rules, it's ethical. The contests need to be flown to current FAI rules.  If the rule is changed, then contests should run to the new set of rules. 




Brisbane Free Flight Society Newsletter goes Digital

For 2008 Malcolm Campbell (Secretary) has decided to publish the Brisbane FFS Newsletter in a pdf format for distribution by email to their widespread membership across Queensland and northern NSW.  Already the 2008 Newsletters have drawn wide acclaim, reflecting the vibrant level of activity and range of free flight interests of the society's membership.

Whether you are wanting to keep up with Australian Queensland free flight, or a rain soaked Brit desperate for some sunny flying pics, I recommend that you get onto Malcolm's emailing list - there's no charge, reflecting the nil cost of modern digital distribution.

BFFS_April_2008 1.1Mb 38 full colour pages and BFFS_August_2008 1.4Mb 30 full colour pages are available from Malcolm by sending him your email address to:-
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Where Malcolm will send you the 2008 Newsletters as email attachments and add you to his distribution list.

David Brawn Biggles FFT and associate member Brisbane FFS 

Flying Fotos from France

Peter Tolhurst sent me the following link to a very stylish montage of pictures from the recent Poitou international and also the French FF Championships. It's blessedly devoid of the sort of pop music that mars some FF web material. No words, - just pictures.


E and Q confused?

Could Bob Sifleet please describe his winning model in F1E to me i.e. motor, prop, wing span and area, ESC, battery etc.? Even the other fliers would be great. I am still trying to get into it.
Ed Mate


... but we would still like to know what you flew Bob


Roger Morrell