SEN 1249 - 1 Oct 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1249 - 1 October 2008 


  1.  20 seconds and Gone?
  2. Impossible
  3. RDT we have come a long way
  4. 20 seconds either or
  5. RDT/attempt observation
  6. 20 seconds should live
  7. Dual Clubs
  8. Nats DVD 


20 seconds and gone ? 

Impossible ?
Dear Neil,
May be its lack of experience, may be the focus is only on some discussed international occasions, or may be it is not knowing what really can happen during launches or is possible with RDT. But let me tell you that 20 sec is a long time, and a modell coming down over the nose with high speed, is flying on his back after a 2nd bunt failure or is breaking out during a bunt is down in a very short time when you "push the button" in a calculated way. The RDT operator is not allowed to sleep or to be "button happy"...... ! (I think they normally use buttons instead of triggers).
I have seen more than once in the last year during our national and international contests some beautifull RDT's within the first 20 sec because of a bad launch or to prevent crashing a F1A modell. Not all by famous flyers, not all in fly-offs and may be that is the reason they are "out of sight" and not so painfully discussed in SEN. So, like it or not, the rules allow it, its proven technology, not only by Per, but by a lot of flyers, so why denying the possible "mis-use" ?
And then some technics. May be its the air or small thermals in our low countries, but RDT's from heights up to 75 m during test flying or at the end of the flight in flat air mostly ending within 15-20 sec. So nothing impossible (unless they are in hugh boomers).
Its therefore safety RDT's at the end of a flight need secure counting of the operator to prevent the modell coming down before 180 sec's. Our RDT experts can tell you a lot more !  It is very depending from the actual thermal or air you are flying in, the behaviour of the modell during DT etc. (F1A modells normally not coming down F1B-wise, some of them even like to drill holes........its what you prefer).
In my opinion: if we want to keep our free flight sport clean, don't try to ban RDT, but change outdated rules by removing the 20 sec rule or shorten it at least to 5 or 10 seconds. You cannot turn (high tech) times anti-clock wise and its impossible to prove the use of "illegal" RDT's, unless we want to have a contest atmosphere with insinuations, modell police on the field or device detector portals on the starting line for competitors and helpers.
Ron Kreetz

RDT.    We have come a long way.
When  I started modelling in the late '40s,I was told it was  unique  amongst human activities.
It was the only one  where you  used your brains to design your model. Your manual skills to build your model.
Your physical condition to  retrieve your model.
No other  combined all three.
The joys and thrills of competing are still there.
Adrian Bryant'


20 Seconds either or

In the discussions of the 20-second rule so far, there has been the assumption that it is a matter of "either or". I would like to point out that another option would be a reduction (penalty) of perhaps 30 seconds on the second attempt. (Nothing special about selecting 30.)
The number of silly events that can cause a very short flight is almost endless. Some that would never occur again. Admittedly, almost all are the fault of the contestant, but I think that suffering an official time of less then 20 seconds is an excessive penalty and not suffering any penalty is a bit too generous.
George Schroedter


RDT / Attempt observation
Just a comment, isn't FAI World Class Competition supposed to be about being at there top of your game?
I have read most of the outraged replies about being able to get a second chance and Aram Schlosberg's reply about a second serve and it occured to many quarterbacks would like to get that interception back during the Superbowl?
How about during all contests where practice is occuring, like prior to the Team Selection Finals, the attempt rule is in place, and when it gets to the team finals and the World Champs, eliminate the attempt rule?  Isn't this all about the performance of the "best?"  If your airplane isn't that reliable or your performance isn't up to world class, well?
I'm not one to really be an influence since I am, by far, non-competitive in FAI, but I would like to compare how many world champion performances relied heavily on the attempt rule.  Anyone?
Rick Pangell


20 seconds should live!
From: Stepan Stefanchuk -
I want to express myself on this matter. I believe that the ‘20 seconds rule’ must be preserved, possibly with some modifications.
Regrettably, in recent years there has been a tendency towards rules becoming increasingly complex and harsh for the sportsmen whilst simplifying it for the competition organisers.
Competitors need to be thought of more and should not be denied the opportunity to demonstrate their true ability due to a minor error.        
Nowadays models are very complicated and require high levels of attention and concentration at the start. Why after two years of qualifying competitions to be in a national team and perhaps being at the World Championship for the first time in their lives, one has to be so severely penalised, if they, for example, forgot to turn on timer on model F1B? Moreover, the age of participants in our competitions is not young.   
In many other model classes (e.g. Radiocontrolled and F2) participants have a few attempts and only their best result is considered in the final. Whilst F1ABC class, on the contrary, has no right for a single mistake to be made.
I have a proposal. In the case of a model flight lasting less than 20 seconds, a further attempt should be permitted with a maximum of 1-2 retries per competition ( 7 round plus fly-off ). At the moment one can do a repeat attempt in each round.
Best regards,

Dual Clubs meet

This just in!
Tim Batiuk wins HLG[that is NOT the news!]with 16 maxes! [missed the 17]
Weather: Hot midday, but light and variable drift...some big Ts, mostly after
12 noon each day, btw.
Young Sevak Malkhasyan 10 years of age] set a Jr OLHG record of over 11 minutes!
Those are the Sunday highlites.
Saturday was also very nice, and Geo Batiuk[there is that surname again!]
won Wakefield, while this Scribe took A2 Nordic with 7 maxes, then won
Catapult Glider with 3 maxes.
The Ice cream social was a welcome event, during noontime lunch Sat.
You all should have been there!
Leeper, the Scribe   

Nats DVD

Fellow Free Flighters,

I interrupt this building session to bring you the following message.

I'm happy to announce the 2008 Free Flight Nationals DVD is now available for sale.

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Thanks for your time.



Roger Morrell