SEN issue 1074 - 21 February 2007

SEN issue 1074 - 21 February 2007

Table of Contents
Fabulous Feb - Secor
Foil for Eduardo Molfi no - Brokenspar
London rejects thin model ban - Biggles
California Cup F1E results report - Leaper
Wanted Verbitsky Email address- Hinson magic Boxes
Looking for henry nelson

Fabulous Feb
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Hi Roger,

Thanks to you, Norm & Old Al for putting on a great contest!
Cody & I had a great time.....
I have to admit that I almost was not going to come because of the
weather...Ken B & I talk about this all the time and have decided most of
the time the weather will be good enough to fly regardless of what the
weather man says...
See Ya Friday..

Yes Randy ..

It was a great two weeks of flying . variable, but good weather conditions.

Two Great World Cup contests, Two great Amedrica's cup events and National Cup events.

Sucessful America's Cup banquet.

On the F1E front a plan to find a taller hill.

and even some F1Q models ... wilol we some Aerovironment F1Q next year ?
Alex, Jim or is this a retirement activity for Biggles ?

.. and as you say lots of help from Al and Judy Hotard, Mary Smith, Sharon Emery, GB
and Norm Furutani. I hear it even motivated Normy to get out his F1Bs again.

Foil for Eduardo Molfi no
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you recently inquired about Aluminum foil.

I responded with a quote for a full roll ( the only roll remaining )


I gather you didi not need a full roll

So, in the spirit of being usefull to a fellow modeller - I have since
found some smaller pirces, at reasonable cost....that may be of interest.*

( although, shipping anyting to the other half of our hemisphere will =
have some cost )

So, let me know
..... it would be interesting to hear what use you have for he foil..

Hardy Brodersen

*Stafford Screen note

London rejects thin model ban
From: "Martyn Cowley"

As reported in recent British tabloids, thin is out and cross-section
is in ! But London has so far rejected a British Cabinet minister's
call for a ban on extremely thin models, and canceled a photo call to
avoid giving the issue more publicity.

Madrid announced last week that it was banning models with a mass
index, or length-to-weight ratio, of less than 18. Also, the mayor
of Milan, Letizia Moratti, said she would call on her city's
designers to take similar action to ban thin models.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell of Britain said Sunday, "I applaud the
decision taken by Madrid to ban super-thin models, and urge other
organizers to do the same."

The British Council, said in a statement that it "does not comment or
interfere in the aesthetic of designers."

If this ban does go into effect, first to suffer is sure to be Ed
Bennet's aptly named "Thin Man" rubber design. If and when this
happens, you can expect to see re-implementation of the cross-section
rule, and a return to models with more frontal area !

- Biggles

California Cup F1E results report

The 2nd annual California Cup for F1E class gliders was successfully
flown on 13 Feb,2007 at Holloway Gypsum's largest mesa.
It is located about 1 mile SE of our Lost Hills, CA flying field.

Eight rounds were flown, beginning @ 0830, ending @ 1430.
Breezes were moderate, with coolish temps for the 7 entrants.
It was unanimously voted to cancel the lunch break.
This was to accomodate the Isaacson F1E fliers, who had to stop
their Monday contest after two rounds were flown.
They completed their flying beginning @ 1500, after our awards ceremony.

Results follow:
RD: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOTAL
max:120[all rds same max]

1. Peter Brocks USA 37 120 120 120 90 54 88 120 624.16%
2. Brian Van Nest USA 87 61 74 120 83 120 120 38 585.83
3. Norm Furutani USA 24 105 48 107 87 120 60 120 559.17
4. Ken Bauer USA 66 120 120 120 110 22 30 77 554.17
5. Ian Kaynes UK 47 25 115 43 120 27 37 120 444.99
6. Dick Wood USA 120 26 40 21 27 66 120 36 380.0
7. Dave Parsons USA 69 104 105 43 47 - - - 306.67

Again, I want to congratulate the top placers & all fliers for their good

Here's hoping more fliers will attend in future.
It was good fun and suspenseful, as the lead kept changing right to the end!

Yr hmbl CD srvnt,
Lee Hines

Wanted - Verbitsky Email address
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Hi Roger,
I need the email and snail mail address for Eugene Verbitsky.
I have something important to send him from NFFS.
Could you help?

Rex Hinson

If anyone can help Rex get in touch with Eugene would
they contact Rex directly.

Magic Boxes
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Seen at the Maxmen but not really promoted a new BlackMagic timer mounting
box. This is a box in initially in F1A [and F1B later ] versions that included a
battery harnes wih charge jack. This box can be screwed against the side of the
F1A pod mounts the timer in a secure fashion. The timer can be removed and swapped
out with undoing just one screw. The mount protects the connections on the back from
touching the conducting parts of the airpmane. The F1A will be shipped shipped
from thr beginning of March. The cost of the F1A version including the battery
connector, charge jack and timer power lead is $25.

Looking for Henry Nelson
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If yuo heve fax or email of Henry Nelson pleace sent my. I need
details for nelson 15 enginer and don't know how to do it.
Good by

Roger Morrell