SEN issue 1086 - 18 April 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1086

  1. Sen Stuff
  2. FFQ#23 is Out
  3. 2007 Hoosier Cup
  4. Super Talon for Classic Towline
  5. Thanks

SEN Stuff

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FFQ#23 is out

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Dear  SEN readers
The latest issue of Free Flight Quarterly  is being mailed now. Here is a short summary of its contents.
  FFQ#23 contains the second part of our AMA Gas series, that includes four long articles on this topic. From USA,  the Civy Boy Story by Paul Gilliam and Gene Wallock,  together with the Mayes/Wagner Uranus story. From Down-Under, Alan King's fabulous "Flying Pencil" Power model of 1950  that is now winning many Vintage contests in the UK and European Champs, a true AMA Gasser from Melbourne!  Chris Murphy from New Zealand analyzes the AMA Gas engines in two comprehensive articles, of which this issue contains the first part.
  This issue also contains a wealth of other articles. Jim O'Reilly talks about his Model Plan Service and his linkage with Bob Holman's laser cutting service. Martin Simons, our renowned sailplane historian and aerodynamicist begins a series on the history of airfoils, in four parts. The autobiography of Duke Fox and his engine development and manufacture is a fascinating document that complements well the AMA Gas period. For the rubber enthusiasts, Andrew Longhurst describes  his experiments with the SOCoupe II F1G model of Sean O'Connor, and the results of modifications to wing aspect ratio and airfoils. Bob Beecroft  details the best practice in pacifier pressure tanks, and Dieter Siebenmann concludes his survey of stability for F1B and F1A models.
As before, the cover  of this latest issue and its table of contents are available in our website:

Sergio Montes

2007 Hoosier Cup
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The Chicago Aeronuts will again sponsor the Hoosier Cup FAI contest on May
18-19, 2007 (Friday and Saturday) in Muncie, Indiana. The mini events
(F1G-H-J) will start mid-afternoon on Friday and the main events (F1A-B-C-P)
will be on Saturday. The contest bulletin can be found on the NFFS website as part of the Master Contest Calendar. The Hoosier Cup will be combined with the
Aeronuts' traditional Midwestern States Championships for AMA, Nostalgia and
Oldtimer events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 18 - 20. Friday contest

flying was added this year in response to requests to spread out the
schedule to reduce the crowding of events. The contest has been moved to May
from August due to scheduling conflicts with the AMA site.

The Hoosier Cup is America's Cup approved and the Midwestern States Contest
will award National Cup points.

Chuck Markos

Super Talon for Classic Towline
Don Deloach

Some of you may have heard I have drawn an updated and enlarged version of
Reid Simpson's Talon A-2 for NFFS Classic Towline. The "Super Talon" is very
large (617 sq. in. wing) and very light at only 13.5 ounces. It is designed
around a carbon tube wing spar and has a few other mods from the original
Talon, including a carbon tailboom.

I am producing a limited number of short kits and spar sets for this model
and I'm taking pre-orders ONLY. Contact me for details.

Don DeLoach
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We have been remiss in thanking those that have supported SEN but they include Bill Gannon, Dick Wood, Bob Norton and Joe Wagner, .. and applogies to those who I forgot or overlooked.

Roger Morrell