SEN issue 1115 - 16 July 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1115

  1. A busload of young freeflighters
  2. Great bit of news from the Northwest!
  3. Cup of Szentes

A busload of young freeflighters
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Fellow freeflighters:

  Two recent images stand out in my mind that I am pleased to share. First last evening (Wednesday) at the small Durham, CT field, I scan the view as over thirty people (mostly kids) with planes in hand are out in the field launching small gliders and rubber powered models, while several others are back at the cars preparing models or turning in scores at the Wilber and Orville Society meet.  These are held every other Wednesday evening (run by Art Ellis, Lisa Pacelli and W&O president Oliver Cai).  What a joy to behold and to participate in.

  Secondly, as I drive down Whitney Ave toward Yale this morning I look to the right and see a couple of dozen young kids very orderly lined-up in front of a school bus, each of them gingerly holding the wings, stabs, and bodies of there built-up rubber models and gliders in each hand, waiting for their big expedition to fly models (many of them for the first time) at Durham as part of their week-long Aeromodeling camp (run by older youth Miles Johnson, Marian Whitney, Jonah Costa and others as part of the Eli-Whitney Museum).  Wow!


Great bit of news from the Northwest!
From: Fred Terzian [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Tim builds beautiful indoor airplanes and is a shining example of the fantastic effort that Lou Young has been doing to spark interest in building and flying free flight airplanes with youngsters here in San Jose.
Fred T.

Timothy Chang (17) of San Jose will represent the US at the Indoor Model Airplane World Championships to be held in October 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. Tim will be a member of the US Junior team (under 19 years old). The international class indoor duration airplanes weigh 1.2 grams (about the weight of a dollar bill) and are powered by a single rubber band that weighs 0.6 gram. The team selection finals at the University of Idaho Kibbie Dome were held July 7-9, 2007 over 9 rounds, and both Senior and Junior teams were selected. Tim Chang's highest single flight time of 34 minutes and 42 seconds was the highest time of the meet, beating the best times of 5 former US world champions. The team selection score is based on the highest total of two flights, and Tim's score of 67 minutes 41 seconds would have placed him on the Senior team had he been competing in that category. The US Junior team will consist of Tim, Ethan Aaron and Molly Neering. The Senior US team includes eight time world champon Jim Richmond, former world champion John Kagan and former Junior world Champion Doug Schaefer.
Tim Chang is a member of the Oakland Cloud Dusters (OCD) model airplane club, one of the oldest (70 years) continuously active clubs in the country. At the awards ceremony master of ceremonies and OCD member Charles Dorsett of Walnut Creek, CA, in a graceful speech,  presented Tim with the OCD indoor rubber band winder that has been used by three former world champion OCD members. After receiving the winder, Tim could be seen looking at it appreciatively for long periods.
Tim started building model airplanes while a student at Miller Middle School in a program sponsored by City of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services. He has tested and perfected his airplanes flying in the Moreland West San Jose Community Center under a program sponsored by West San Jose Community Center of PRNS. Tim designs his own airplanes and builds them to exacting standards.
Two other young San Jose residents and members of the Oakland Cloud Dusters who have benefitted from the San Jose program flew at Kibbie Dome in national classes. Anjaney Kottapalli (17) flew in a class called "Easy B" that is not at all easy, as the entire 100 square inch wing area airplane can weigh as little as 0.3 gram. Anjaney's time of over 15 minutes got him a prize. Spencer Hanson (16) won third place in a class called "Penny Plane" with a time of over 14 minutes.
Immediately after the contest Tim left with his family for Taiwan to teach English to young people there, as part of their church outreach.
Lou Young

1st “Cup of Szentes”

Open international contest F1A, F1B, F1C, F1P

Organizer:        Szeged Varosi Modellezo SE                
Contest date:   24 - 25.08.2007.

Contest area:   Lapisto field (near town Szentes) Hungary.

                        Flying field is approximately 7 km x 8 km flat grass area.

                        Sentes is about 50 km from Szeged 180 km from Budapest.

                        From all directions high-speed motorways are available.

Maps:                From Szeged follow the main road to Hodmezovasarhely and Szentes.

                        In Szetes follow the small road to Nagymagocs, and in 5 km look for the FAI sign.

Entry fee:         F1A, F1B, F1C 30 EURO per category, additional category 15 EURO.

                        F1P competitors 15 EURO.

Awards:            Trophy for the top three competitors in the individual listing in each competition class.

Protest:            Must be presented to contest Jury in written form.
                        Protest fee: 30 EURO

Entry application: Each competitor must have a valid FAI license (license must be shown at registration)

                        All entry applications must arrive until 15.08.2007.

                        Please write your name, category, FAI license number, please write a note if you are junior


Accommodation: Szentes is a small town, You can find several Hotels and motes, also a camping site


                        The organizer can book for You a cheap rooms in a school, in 4 beds rooms – 40 Euro/room

Contact person: Gabor Zsengeller   + 36309532100 (English language)

24. 08. 2007 Friday

            Arriving and free practice (field is open for flaying from Monday)

            17:00 - 20:00 Registration for all categories at the flying site.

25. 08. 2007 Saturday

             Contest day

            Opening:           09:00

            1. Round:          10:00 - 11:15 (max 180 sec.)

            2. Round:          11:15 - 12:30 (max 180 sec.)

            3. Round:          12:30 - 13:45 (max 180 sec.)

            4. Round:          13:45 - 15:00 (max 180 sec.)

            5. Round:          15:00 - 16:15 (max 180 sec.)


            Combat fly-off: 17:00 - 

            Prize giving ceremony will be held at Camping area after fly-off rounds.

Looking forward seeing you in Szentes.

Roger Morrell